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OOC Post - Destiny High [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Destiny Community High School: A Kingdom Hearts RP

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OOC Post [Jan. 22nd, 2007|09:17 pm]
Destiny Community High School: A Kingdom Hearts RP


Helllo again my freinds! I'm back with Ch 3 of Tainted Love. Rating is R this time for smuttiness. Muchas Gracias to Tracy once again for all her help.

ch 3

A quick glance at his watch reassured Axel that he was in fact five minutes early. After last weekend he wanted to be very sure that he was not late again. Straitening his pale green dress shirt, Axel approached Kadaj's front door and knocked. The usual mix of nerves, anticipation and curiosity coursed through his veins as he waited for Kadaj to answer.

Having watched Axel arrive from the window in Yazoo's bedroom, Kadaj was almost tempted to send his older brother down to let the redhead in. Common sense prevailed and he didn't. He didn't want the younger boy to be suspicious of the plans he'd made for the evening. Plans that Loz had been reluctant to follow since it entailed hurting Kadaj physically, but he had convinced Loz that it would be worth it in the long run. Kadaj licked his lips in anticipation as he opened the door to let Axel in to what would prove to be his downfall and this was only the beginning.

Stepping past Kadaj into the house Axel waited for the older boy to close the door before trapping him against it in a heated kiss, a kiss that he then moved from the other's lips to his neck where he nibbled lightly. Now that he had Kadaj to himself Axel had every intention of taking full advantage of the opportunity. Not for the first time he wished that they could see each other more often. But Kadaj was often busy so there chances to spend time together were limited.

"Slow down there cowboy," Kadaj gasped, grabbing a handful of Axel's hair to pull his head backward, breathless from the redhead’s kiss. "We've got all night to play, so there's need to rush things. And ... would you mind terribly if Loz joined us again? He really liked you and was so sad after you left the last time that I kinda promised him he could play with us again because I don't like to see him cry. Then that upsets me and you don't want to upset me, do you?" he asked with a fake sniffle, playing up Axel's sensitive side. The sucker. He could never resist Kadaj when he pouted.

The hair pulling only made Axel want Kadaj more and he growled a little as he fought to bring his mouth back to his lover's throat. He stopped struggling when Kadaj mentioned Loz. The oldest brother had been wonderfully rough and Axel was eager for a repeat performance. Cupping Kadaj's face in his hand Axel ran his thumb over the other's pouting bottom lip. "You don't need to pout. I would have said yes anyway," Axel told him with a smirk.

"Really?" Kadaj asked, eyes shining with elation that Axel had so readily agreed to allow Loz to play with him. It had taken much more to persuade Loz to play around. Kadaj hadn't been able to sit without squirming for a day or two. He rarely ever allowed his eldest brother to be rough with him, but it had been well worth it in order to get his brother's agreement in helping Kadaj rid himself of the redheaded nuisance. Not that Axel had always been so, but the silver-haired teen had simply grown bored of him, of his clinging. "Thank you! Loz!!!" he shouted, getting to his tiptoes so he could see over Axel's shoulder into the kitchen where the eldest boy had been waiting patiently for Kadaj to call to him. "It's time to come and play!!"

Eagerly Loz strode from the kitchen at Kadaj's words. "He'll let me play?" he asked smiling from ear to ear.

Supressing a snicker as Kadaj strained to see around him, the silver-haired teen was so cute, Axel moved to stand beside his lover slipping an arm around the other's waist. As Loz emerged from the kitchen Axel nodded and gave the larger man a welcoming smile.

"And you get to choose where we play," Kadaj nodded, batting silver lashes at his brother as he forced himself to snuggle against Axel. For his plan to work, it had been prearranged that Loz would choose his own bedroom for the scene of the 'crime' since most of the bondage gear was stored there. And, as events unfolded, it was crucial for it to appear as if the idea had come from Axel to tie Kadaj up and gang bang him senseless with Loz, and Yazoo if he decided to change his mind and join them, being reluctantly cajoled into carrying the dastardly deed out alongside the redhead.

Standing in front of Kadaj and Axel, Loz tilted his head to the side and pressed his lips together in thought. He wasn't the actor that Kadaj was but his youngest brother had spent some time coaching him. "My room?" he finally suggested looking to Kadaj and Axel for approval.

"Sounds good to me," Axel agreed eager to move on to the fun.

"Perfect choice," Kadaj cooed, breaking away from Axel's grip in order to fling himself at Loz. He wrapped his arms about his oldest brother and nuzzled his cheek against his firm, broad chest. "Wait until you see how big his bed is," Kadaj grinned, winking at Axel, barely able to contain his excitement. In just a few short days it would all be over and his brothers would have him all to themselves again.

Loz broke out in a huge grin as he returned Kadaj's embrace. He loved it when his little brother praised him like that. It made him feel like he could do anything so long as Kadaj was there to cheer him on.

With an answering smirk Axel sauntered up to the brothers. "I can't wait. How about we head strait there?" he suggested running a nail down Loz's arm where it was wrapped around Kadaj and then groping the smaller brother’s tight butt.

"Can we?" Loz asked eagerly of his brother.

"As you wish," Kadaj whispered, answering them both as he slipped from between them. With his left hand he took hold of one of the redhead's hands and with his right, one of Loz's larger hands. Quickly he peered over his shoulder to see if could catch a glimpse of Yazoo, who had been suspiciously absent since learning the details of Kadaj's plan, then sighed inwardly as a pang of hurt echoed loudly through him. Then eyes forward and mind back to the task at hand, Kadaj gave Loz's hand a squeeze, indicating that he should lead the way.

Loz headed deeper into the house past the kitchen, living room and door that led to the basement. At the back of the house was a set of stairs that led up to the brothers rooms. At the top of the stairs Loz lead them down another hall past Yazoo's room on the right and Kadaj's room on the left to the last door on the right that led to his own bedroom. Proudly he pushed open the door and gestured for both boys to enter.

Pulling from Kadaj's hand Axel wandered wide eyed into the room. A four poster bed that was considerably larger then king size took up approximately two thirds of the room. It was covered in blankets and pillows of dark brown, deep green and a blue so dark it was almost black. One corner was dedicated to set of weights, clearly the tools Loz used to maintain his amazing physique. On the wall opposite the bed was a set of doors. The rest of the room was filled with various mementos and gifts from Loz's brothers forming a comfortably cluttered atmosphere.

Once inside the room, Kadaj flopped onto the bed, burying himself within the pile of familiar pillows and stretched out with a happy sigh. He loved Loz's bed. It could sleep all three of the brothers comfortably with some room to spare and if Kadaj wasn't to be found there, he could usually be found in Yazoo's room. Rarely did he ever sleep in his own room and usually only when he had a play toy over like Axel so he wouldn't disturb Yazoo with his antics.

"Come here," Kadaj told the other two, voice muffled as he crawled through the throng of pillows. When he reemerged he made certain that it was by the headboard with the handcuffs visible beside him on one of the posts. "Is there anything special either of you would like to play out tonight?" he asked, fixing a smoky, seductive gaze on his two companions.

Kicking off his shoes Axel joined Kadaj on the bed, crawling toward where his lover leaned against the headboard. His eyes flicked from Kadaj's eyes to the cuffs and then to Loz a slow smile starting to spread his lips as a wonderful idea occurred to him. Adjusting his movements into something more predatory his crawl became a stalk as he gazed hungrily back at Kadaj. "I think we should put those handcuffs to use. Don't you agree Loz?"

Having moved onto the other side of the bed Loz was surprised that Axel was doing almost exactly as Kadaj had predicted. Quickly he masked these thoughts with a slightly vicious smile and a nod. "Yes I think that's a good idea. It would be even more fun if you resist a bit brother," Loz husked this was the part of the plan that he liked. The chance to play rough with his little brother.

In the midst of pulling his shirt off, Kadaj's gaze flickered toward Loz, feeling triumphant that his soon to be ex-lover was so predictable. But when he caught the glimmer of naked lust shining within his brother's eyes, the silver-haired teen shivered in delightful anticipation. He was definitely ready to do anything Loz asked of him. So, with a laugh, Kadaj threw his shirt, aiming to hit Loz in the face, and rolled toward the side of the bed, yelling that they would have to catch him first if they wanted to play.

Slightly shocked at Loz's request it took Axel a moment to realize the game the brothers were initiating. Not one for violence Axel wouldn't have thought of including a game of rough and tumble in his bedroom activities, but so long as it was all a game he was willing to give it a try. Thus he lunged after Kadaj too slow to grab a hold of the other.

Loz struggled for a brief moment to remove the shirt that had, of course, hit its mark. It smelled like Kadaj and only excited him all the more. With a growl he abandoned the bed and began circling around to come at Kadaj from behind.

Still laughing, Kadaj easily dodged Axel's attempt at capturing him, but he knew Loz wouldn't be so easy to out maneuver in such close quarters. Any other time and place it wouldn't have been an issue, but here he was, quite literally, backed into a corner. With Loz coming from one side and Axel the other, Kadaj just needed to ... taking a chance, the smallest of the three took a diving tumble and hoped he cleared his way under his brother's legs before Loz caught him. He didn't want to make it too easy for him.

Watching carefully from the bed looking for an opportunity to grab Kadaj, Axel recognized the sudden gleam in his lover’s eye. Launching himself from the bed in hopes of landing in front of Kadaj's roll Axel unfortunately misjudged his footing on the pillow covered bed. Instead of landing gracefully on the floor in front of Kadaj he wound up slamming into Loz.

Also warned by his brother’s sudden shift in expression Loz correctly guessed Kadaj's intent and reached to grab his brother as he dove. Just before his hand could close on Kadaj he was knocked sideways by Axel allowing his little brother to make his escape. Growling Loz steadied Axel before turning to look for his brother.

"Ha ha, missed me! Nnnnnnn!" Kadaj taunted, placing his thumbs on either side of head, wriggling his fingers as he stuck his tongue out at the other two. He wasn't about to admit that if Axel hadn't knocked Loz over, his brother would have caught him. Probably by the hair too.

"I almost had you Kadaj. Next time you won't get away so easily," Loz complained pointing a warning finger at his youngest brother. He then drew Axel close so he could whisper a plan into the redhead’s ear.

Sticking his tongue out at Kadaj as the older teen taunted them, Axel was feeling a little ashamed that his clumsiness had allowed his lover to escape. Listening intently Axel nodded several times as Loz whispered his plan a smirk starting to play across his lips once again.

Eyes narrowing and hands going to his hips, Kadaj merely sniffed and ignored his brother's warning. Until, that is, Loz started whispering to Axel. Then he dropped into a crouch, watching them very intently. He pretty much knew what was being planned, since he'd orchestrated it himself, but the way Loz was looking at him almost made him ruin it himself by pouncing his brother, Axel be damned. However, Kadaj, after much effort, managed to reign himself in because the whole purpose of the evening had been arranged around making Axel look like a 'monster' after everything was all said and done.

Finally the two conspirators parted and began to advance on Kadaj. As they moved forward they also spread out easily covering the little bit of open space in the room. They began herding Kadaj back toward the bed both alert and ready to grab him should Kadaj try to break free again.

"You're cheating," Kadaj pouted, realizing they had trapped him. Not that it mattered; he was actually having fun despite the fact that Axel no longer held any real interest for him. Normally he would have just told the redhead to fuck off and never bother him again, but not this time. No, this time that wasn't enough for Kadaj. He needed to take it further. He needed to crush the love and devotion Axel held for him right out of the other boy. To make it loud and clear that Kadaj could never love him in return. The only ones in the world worth of that deep a bond were his brothers.

"Cheating? I didn't know there were rules," Axel smirked feinting forward to see if he could get Kadaj to jump. A little further and they would be close enough to jump their 'prey' as Loz put it.

Grinning Loz didn't waste breath or attention on his brother’s taunts. A few more steps and, "Now Axel!" Loz directed dropping into a crouch as though he meant to tackle Kadaj. According to the plan this would draw his brother’s attention allowing Axel to capture Kadaj.

Kadaj did the only thing he could think of, he toppled forward onto the floor, grabbing his chest as if he'd been wounded. "You got me... I'm dying ... ugh... May you burn in hell ... cheaters..." Kadaj twitched and cracked an eye open to peer at the two through the hair that had fallen into his face. He wanted to giggle but that would spoil his whole 'death scene' so he settled for a last drawn in rattling breath, then went completely still while holding his breath.

Loz began to giggle and then applauded Kadaj's corny acting skills. That is until he drew that very believable death breath, then his face fell and he rushed to Kadaj's side. "Kadaj, Kadaj! Are you okay?" He asked worry evident in his voice.

Axel had been about to knock Kadaj off his feet and throw him on the bed when Kadaj began his little melodrama. Confused he watched the little scene play out.

Unable to help himself any longer, Kadaj giggled as he surged forward to wrap his arms about Loz's neck. "Gotcha!" he laughed right before planting a very solid, heated kiss against his brother's lips.

Relieved and freshly aroused Loz gathered his little brother close holding him tightly. His big hands touched along every inch of his brother reassuring Loz that Kadaj really was okay and that the other had just been playing.

Shaking his head Axel couldn't believe how easily Loz had been fooled. Watching the kiss Axel found himself eager for the games to continue. "Now that you've caught him Loz pin him to the bed so we can cuff him."

Enjoying his brother's touch, Kadaj almost growled at Axel to shut up for interrupting them, but the redhead's words reminded him of the task at hand and he looked up into Loz's eyes. With what he hoped was a reassuring look that everything was fine, going according to his plan, and that he had no problem with Loz handcuffing him to the bed.

Loz's hands stilled at Axel's words. He saw the reassurances in Kadaj's eyes but was once again feeling uncertain about the plan. He wished Yazoo was here. Calm, collected Yazoo would know when the game had gone too far and put a stop to it. Loz wasn't sure Kadaj would stop things before it was too late. But Yazoo wasn't here and Kadaj would be very upset if Loz ruined his game.

Arms tightening Loz surged to his feet before throwing Kadaj roughly onto the bed. Pinning his youngest brother's legs with his lower body he then shoved Kadaj's arms above his head before turning an inviting smile to Axel.

Two quick strides had Axel by the headboard an answering grin plastered to his face. Grabbing Kadaj's right hand he quickly snapped a handcuff around the other's wrist tightening it with a metallic ratcheting sound before repeating the process with his left. Having never used handcuffs before Axel was unsure how tight they should be but didn't want to leave the cuffs too loose either. So it was possible that he tightened the cuffs too far, enough to bruise the delicate skin of Kadaj's wrist.

Thankfully for Kadaj, Loz had remembered to make sure that he had thrown his younger brother onto some of the pillows, propping him up enough so his current position wasn't too uncomfortable. However, a quick flick of his wrists told him that the handcuffs had been locked a little tighter than he preferred, but any tangible evidence left behind from their 'play' would add more fuel to the fire and go a lot further into convincing people that Axel was not someone who could be trusted.

With the cuffs snapped tight Axel just stood looking at the two on the bed, suddenly uncertain on how to proceed. What did one do with a person after you’ve tied them up? Especially when that person's brother was present and currently laying on top of the one handcuffed? Shifting his weight from one foot to the other Axel had to admit that seeing the two on the bed together with Kadaj handcuffed was a definite turn on.

Not the least hesitant Loz jammed a knee between Kadaj's legs forcing his brother to spread them so he could settle between them. As he did this he also drew his nails down from his little brother’s arms, along his sides until he reached the top of Kadaj's pants. Red lines began to form and in places blood began to bead.

Reptilian-like eyes as wide as saucers, Kadaj was not entirely surprised by the roughness, but ... he could now see why Yazoo always insisted on being present when they fooled around with bondage. Loz did indeed enjoy it rough. Yet Kadaj could not deny the pleasure and excitement he saw shining brightly in Loz's eyes and mutely he nodded his assent for his brother to continue. The silver-haired teen's only wish however, was that Loz remembered that it was to be Axel who did the most damage.

Licking along the scratches Loz tasted the coppery sweetness of Kadaj's blood. Moaning at the delicious flavor he moved to crush a bruising kiss to his brother's lips. The desire to completely ravish Kadaj's small form threatening to make him forget the plan. With great reluctance and no small amount of regret Loz released his brother and beckoned for Axel to join them. "Come and play Axel. Look on my sweet little brother. Doesn't he look completely fuckable all bound and helpless?"

Crawling onto the bed Axel could only nod his agreement. The truth being that he was so hard it was almost painful. He liked Loz's style, it echoed his own. The site of Kadaj tied up and bleeding lightly was beyond hot and Axel wanted more. Wanted to hear Kadaj cry out from the pain and pleasure of it all. These thoughts were clearly reflected in his eyes and caused Loz to grin as he recognized his own desires mirrored in Axel's lust darkened gaze.

"One of you had better bring the pleasure back right now or you'll both be in a world of hurt," Kadaj demanded, his spoiled nature clearing showing through as he stared first into Loz's eyes, then Axel's. "And it had better start with the removal of my pants."

Axel would have done as Kadaj demanded but was stopped by Loz. The older man had placed a hand against Axel's chest preventing him from moving forward.

"Brother, you are in no position to make demands. We will attend your pleasure when we want to," Loz informed Kadaj with a malicious smile. He then turned to Axel and began removing the redhead's shirt. Loz knew this would piss his brother off but it would also cause Kadaj to fight harder against his restraints making the game all the sweeter. So with deliberate cruelness Loz focused on removing Axel's clothes and getting the boy to return the favor pretending to ignore Kadaj.

"You will attend to me now," Kadaj growled, yanking on his restraints. As if by sheer willpower alone he could break the metal cuffs chaining him to the bed, but the more he struggled, the more pain he brought upon himself while the handcuffs held firm. Then Kadaj felt something warm trickle down each wrist. Tearing his gaze from the cruel bastards that were his brother and almost ex-lover, Kadaj looked upward, to see blood. His blood.

Good. Kadaj could endure the pain. The more battered and bruised he was, the more people would turn against Axel. Kadaj's pout immediately turned into a smile even more malicious than Loz's had been. Turning his head to the side to hide his face from them, Kadaj went back into 'victim' mode and whimpered, begging them to do something about his pants.

Shivering as Kadaj's pained pleas shot pleasure strait to his arousal within the ever tightening confines of his pants, Axel’s hands shook with his eagerness to proceed. Having managed to strip both himself and Axel, Loz smirked at the redhead's twitching erection. Every time Kadaj whimpered the teens cock jumped. Axel was clearly more then ready to take Kadaj. Leaving the redhead Loz crawled toward the headboard noticing the blood at Kadaj's wrists. "You've hurt yourself, Otouto," he husked licking his lips, "that's our job." Loz then bit at the skin just below the cuffs tasting the blood and eliciting little gasps of pain from his brother.

No longer being distracted by Loz Axel was quick to remove Kadaj's pant's. He was so aroused at this point that all he wanted was to sink himself into the smaller teen, now. Jerking the tight material from Kadaj's body with little regard for how rough he was being Axel tossed them to the floor. He then moaned at the naked glory of Kadaj. "I have to have you now, Kadaj," Axel warned voice harsh with need, grabbing his lover's hips and flipping him over onto his stomach before raising Kadaj to his knees. "I'm going to take you without preparation."

"Owww!" Kadaj exclaimed in surprise, his breath stolen away at being manhandled so roughly, his arms and shoulders bearing the brunt of the fresh wave pain as his wrists were crossed, one over the other, in an uncomfortable way. His chest tightened with nervous excitement as he closed his eyes tightly, anticipating the wave of agony that would surely wash over him by being taken dry.

Capturing Kadaj's chin between his fingers Loz turned his little brother's head so they could kiss. Noting the tightly closed eyes and tension he softened his approach, not liking that look on Kadaj's face. Instead of another hard kiss he nibbled gently at the teen’s lower lip before slipping his tongue inside. His hold on Kadaj's chin softened until his fingers caressed along his youngest brother’s jaw.

Kadaj's cry of pain had given Axel momentary pause as he feared that he had done actual harm. As Loz claimed his kiss Axel relaxed again seeing that the brothers were still enjoying the game. Taking a firm grip on his lover’s hips Axel aligned himself with Kadaj’s entrance. With an anticipatory moan he pulled back on the hips as he thrust forward sheathing himself in one hard motion to the hilt. It was so exquisitely tight and hot that Axel couldn't hold himself back, at all, immediately falling into a fast rhythmic thrusting.

Pleasure and pain so intense that it felt as if liquid fire were burning in his veins shot through Kadaj, forced a ragged moan from his lips. Gods did it burn, like nothing he had ever felt before. It felt as if he were being ripped in half. It hurt so much that, in an instinctual need to bite down on his lip to hold in the howl of pain he didn't want to give voice to, Kadaj had forgotten that Loz was kissing him and bit down on his brother's lip instead. The moment he tasted the coppery liquid in his mouth, Kadaj tried to pull back, to tell Loz he was sorry, that he hadn't meant to bite him so hard, but all he got for his troubles was a sharp pain in his ass and stars exploding behind his eyes. Dazed and, shockingly turned on by the violent sex, Kadaj could only groan and just be, allowing Axel to have his wicked way with him.

Sharp pain and the salty-sweet taste of his own blood stole away any hope of Loz continuing to be gentle with his brother. With an appreciative growl he crushed his mouth hard against Kadaj's as the other tried to pull away. Hungrily, he fed at Kadaj's mouth using more teeth then lips or tongue. Snaking a hand between his little brother's bound arms he dragged nails across pale skin until he found one already perked nipple. Pinching and tugging on the tiny nub caused it to harden further before Loz moved to the other nipple and repeated the process.

Sweat began to drip down Axel's forehead and back. He could see the skin around his finger's reddening and knew he was bruising Kadaj with the force of his grip. Unfortunately he knew this with the rational part of his mind that was currently locked away and had no control over his actions. As he continued his violent plundering of Kadaj's depths his pleasure began to build and grow as he ascended toward orgasm. His thrusts lost there rhythm becoming wild and completely uncontrolled, until with a final deep thrust Axel released his seed giving a ragged cry of pleasure.

Bound hands clenched into fists so tight that his nails left nasty, half moon shaped cuts in his palms, Kadaj whimpered pathetically at the warm rush of liquid heat that filled his insides. He was bruised and battered, his lips and ass stinging something awful, but he silently reminded himself that it would be worth it in the end. He just had to endure a little longer.... then it would be over and Yazoo would show up like an angel to comfort him after being violated to cruelly...

Falling back, bracing his arms behind him against the bed Axel attempted to regain control of his breathing. "That was fucking amazing," he informed no one in particular still riding the afterglow. He had missed Kadaj's whimper and had no idea that his love was less then enthused.

"We're not done with you yet, brother," Loz warned continuing to play with Kadaj's nipples. He was more then ready for his turn with his little brother. "Axel, help me turn him over. I want him on his back." With an appreciative chuckle Axel helped get Kadaj situated so he was lying on his back, careful to not further twist his arms, before Loz took his place between his little brothers legs.

Relieved to no longer be in such a prone position, Kadaj let out the breath he'd been holding and slumped down into the pillows, panting softly. His shoulders and arms ached, his wrists felt raw and burned, and his ass felt like it were on fire, but the worse thing of all... was the manic look in his brother's eyes. Kadaj no longer recognized Loz, no longer saw the gentleness his brother always had when looking at him. The game should have ended with Axel's release, but one look told him that was not the case. Loz was about to overstep the boundaries and there was nothing Kadaj could do about it without spoiling his own plan.

Taking a deep breath, Kadaj turned his head away and squeezed his eyes shut tightly, refusing to look at his brother as he further violated him. It was all in the name of riding himself of Axel. He needed to remember that, chanted it over and over and over again in his mind as he waited for it to be over with.

That oh so submissive pose only added to the fire of Loz's lust. His dominate little brother, the one that was always in control of every situation was cuffed and completely at his mercy. This was a situation that Loz had often fantasized about but never dreamed would become reality.

Without hesitation he thrust his rock hard cock deep into Kadaj as he drew his nails harshly over the smaller teen’s thighs, drawing blood. Withdrawing until only his tip remained inside Loz paused for a second before plunging hard and fast once again.

Half sated Axel lay on his side and watched Loz take Kadaj. Occasionally he'd reach out and fondle a nipple or run nails over sensitized skin. Further excited by the rough play of Loz Axel moved close enough to sink his teeth into the pale skin of Kadaj's chest. Biting down and sucking at the same time for a long moment before drawing back and appreciating the rapidly darkening mark. He repeated this process in several places as Loz continued his teasingly harsh thrusts.

Unable to bear the pain any longer, something inside Kadaj snapped and he frantically fought to free his hands from the handcuffs to no avail. That was when the panic that had been slowly building within him bubbled over and burst forth, giving voice to a ragged, wordless scream of agony. Kadaj was being ripped apart, devoured whole by Axel and Loz and he couldn't breathe, couldn't feel anything beyond the need to escape, to curl up into Yazoo's arms and rue the day he'd ever met the redhead. This was all his fault for boring Kadaj into scheming such an unholy plan to be rid of him. Axel would pay for hurting him and luring Loz into helping him do it.

The book of poems hit the carpeted floor with a dull thud, having fallen from Yazoo's startled grasp as the agonized scream echoed through the walls. The pain in that call had Yazoo striding from the room before the book had fully settled on the floor. Enough was enough. Yazoo had told Kadaj this plan was a bad idea. That Loz would get carried away and Kadaj wouldn't like the result. But his head strong otouto had refused to listen and in a fit of hurt indignation Yazoo had left the house, leaving Kadaj to face his fate.

Not one to hold a grudge Yazoo's temper had quickly cooled and he'd returned home to sulk in his room. In the back of his mind he told himself this way he could intervene if things got too out of hand. By the sound of it things had gotten extremely out of hand. He gave a gasp and his hand flew to his mouth at the scene laid out in Loz's bedroom.

Kadaj's piercing cry sent Loz over the edge and with a final brutal thrust he poured his hot essence within his precious little brother. Slumping forward he wrapped his arms around Kadaj's waist and hugged him close for a moment before withdrawing. It was then that he heard the harsh gasp from the doorway and turned to meet the golden-green gaze of Yazoo.

Startled by the pain evident in Kadaj's cry Axel had reared back and was frantically trying to figure out the cause of his lover's anguish. His lust muddled brain couldn't make sense of it all and insisted that the cry had just been another part of the game. Before Axel could dwell on the wrongness of that response his attention was drawn to the last of the brothers who stood looking somewhat shocked in the doorway.

Through his suffering, even Kadaj could sense that something in the atmosphere had changed fundamentally as his muddled senses registered the shocked gasp. Forcing open reptilian shaded eyes, Kadaj tried to focus on the form silhouetted in the doorway, but he could barely make anything out through the hot tears that now clouded his vision. "Yaz... oo..?" he choked out, voice hoarse from screaming. Kadaj desperately wanted it to be his brother, come to rescue him. He even tried to reach for him, but his hands were roughly jerked back by the cuffs, sending yet another wave of agony shooting through him. "Yaz~oo... ple~eeease..." came the whimpered plea through gritted teeth. Begging did not come very easily to Kadaj, but all he could think about right then was getting away from Axel and Loz's cruel torture.

Slowly Yazoo's hand slipped from his mouth as he took in the sight of his youngest brother handcuffed, bruised, and bleeding. Kadaj's pleading sent a shiver up his spine and his usually bright eyes began to darken. To see his headstrong sibling brought low, made to be submissive it called to his more twisted tendencies. Paired with the remains of his anger Yazoo found it in himself to actually enjoy Kadaj's suffering, even desire to prolong it a little. If he made this the worse experience of Kadaj's life then maybe his little brother would be ready to listen the next time Yazoo advised against one of his plots.

With just a few swift steps Yazoo seated himself beside his pitiful looking brother. "Loz the keys to the cuffs if you please," he commanded calmly. Then he leaned forward brushing some of the hair from Kadaj's face before whispering to him, "I warned you the game would get out of hand. Now you're suffering the consequences of not listening to me. Next time I may not come to your rescue." Gently he licked the tears as they fell from Kadaj's eyes. "Otouto, I'll make it all better. I'll give you the pleasure you so desperately want."

With Yazoo's arrival Loz quickly came down from the dangerous high he had been riding. Realizing he'd gone too far the eldest brother was quick to obey Yazoo's order and retrieved the key waiting for Yazoo to take it from him. His eyes bounced worried from one brother to the other. But Yazoo was here and would set it all right again.

His mind finally beginning to clear Axel took in the battered form of Kadaj. Immediately his gut twisted. How had things gone this far? How could he have not seen the blood or the pain on Kadaj's face? "Kadaj? Are you okay?" he asked tentatively no longer sure what was part of the game.

"Don't you touch me!" Kadaj snarled at Axel, flinching away from Yazoo's touch at the same time. For an agonizing instant he had thought that his older brother would join in, add to his misery. Right then all he wanted was Yazoo's calming presence, not his brother telling him he should have known better. Fuck. He'd learned that the hard way. Kadaj would never allow himself to be put into such a situation with Loz or anyone else again. He did not enjoy having his control wrenched from his grasp so brutally. "Get out, Axel," he whispered hoarsely, turning towards Yazoo for some much needed comfort.

Axel flinched at the snarl and felt a lump form in his throat. As Kadaj quietly ordered him to leave the redhead began shaking his head and desperately trying to apologize. "Kadaj, I didn't... I thought... a game, it was just a game. I would never hurt you on purpose. I love you," He apologized and pleaded all at the same time.

Comforting fingers stroked through Kadaj's hair a few times before Yazoo retrieved the key from Loz and carefully released his little brother from the shackles. It was clear that Kadaj had suffered both mentally and physically from this and Yazoo found himself satisfied with that knowledge. Hopefully, being unbound would allow Kadaj to think more clearly and continue on with his plan. It would be a waste and a shame if it all came to naught. If Kadaj didn't regain control it would be up to Yazoo to salvage the situation.

Once freed, Kadaj could little more than collapse against Yazoo, burying his face against his brother's warmth, shivering with the determination to stop crying. He refused to show any more weakness than he had already had in front of Axel. Once he had himself back under control, Kadaj lifted his head and looked up at Axel through a curtain of damp silver hair. "S'kay," he sniffed, not accepting Axel's apology though his words led the other to believe he had. Nor would he forgive Loz for a very long time.

"Tired," he whispered to no one in particular as he once more rested against Yazoo. He wanted a nice hot shower, but that would have to wait until he had the strength to get up. Tomorrow perhaps, after he had a good night's rest. So, with a deep sigh, Kadaj closed his eyes and let the welcoming darkness swallow him up so he could sleep and forget about his injuries.

Relaxing only a fraction at Kadaj's tiny reassurance Axel opened his mouth to continue to apologize only to be stalled by Yazoo holding up a hand. With a brief shake of his head and a reassuring smile Yazoo attempted to soothe the redhead's worries before sending him on his way. "Kadaj is fine. He's just a little overwhelmed at the moment. I don't think he expected the experience to be so... intense. It would be best if you went home for now. Give him time to calm down."

"All right," Axel agreed reluctantly. He desperately wanted to apologize again, to do something to make up for his grievous error. But Yazoo was right. Now was not the time. He would go home and come up with a way to make it all up to Kadaj. "I... I love you, Kadaj," He said one last time before getting dressed and leaving. His mind and heart in turmoil over the hurt he had caused his beloved.

So I need feedback. Do you all want to see a scene with just the brothers? It's something I"m thinking of includine but isn't crucial to the plot. So if you all want a bit of brotherly love I'll add it.

[User Picture]From: nin_kennero
2007-01-23 07:25 am (UTC)
O__O OMFG How could something so evil be something so....awesome, sexy, twisted, and amazing?! ARGH! THIS STORY MUST BE FINISHED! Everytime I read this I absolutely can't wait for everything to come crashing down on Axel ....even if that like...sounds bad. It's not meant to be! hehehe.

Keep it up! I wanna read more! As for a scene with the brothers, Nero is still on the fence about it, but I'm leaning toward a big yes!

*sits in corner and waits patiently for next installment*
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