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Destiny High

Where Destinies are made.

Destiny Community High School: A Kingdom Hearts RP
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Welcome to Destiny High! Where destinies are found!

Destiny High is just an average high school with not so average students! It's the only high school on the small island chain of Destiny Islands. Since it is a private school, applications are a must before one can be accepted into this school. And like every other high school in the world there is a certain set of rules one must follow.

We, here at Destiny High, hope you enjoy your stay and learning experience at our school. We look forward to another wonderful year!

Your Headmasters Are:

Name: Starry
Livejournal: starry_nights88
Contact Info: starry_eyedstar@hotmail.com
AIM/YAHOO/MSN: X/starry_eyedstar/starry_eyedstar@hotmail.com

Name: Nero
Livejournal: nin_kennero
Contact Info: BlckHeartNero@aol.com
AIM/YAHOO/MSN: BlckHeartNero/rezisan2k3/Shiranai_Ookami@msn.com

Name: Tracy
Livejournal: geishaschu
Contact info: GeishaSchuldig@aol.com
AIM/Yahoo/MSN: GeishaSchuldig/cmdrleonhart/MikiNoTenshi@hotmail.com

Name: Angel
Livejournal: sylvertygersi
Contact info: angelsigma@hotmail.com
AIM/Yahoo/MSN: X/sangelsigma/sarahv@hyperioncapitalgroup.com


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