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Destiny Community High School: A Kingdom Hearts RP

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Axel/Riku rp log part 2 [Mar. 1st, 2007|08:37 pm]
Destiny Community High School: A Kingdom Hearts RP


Rating: R
Character's Involved: Riku and Axel
Warnings: you guessed it more smut
Short Summary: Riku and Axel go shopping, visit Namine, and play with some new toys.

"Where are we going?" Riku asked as he climbed onto the bike, not needing to be told twice. While this certainly hadn't been the first time he'd been on the bike since the Halloween Dance, Riku was suddenly, and acutely, aware of the model in his pocket and his cheeks burned hotly, but at least he had a happier memory to dwell on now that brought a faint smile to his lips.

"I want to spend the gift card Sora gave me," Axel answered, hiding his chuckle with the roar of the engine starting up. He was looking forward to the shock and surprise on Riku's face when they arrived at the store, thus he grinned wickedly as he raised the kick stand. "Hold on tight," he warned and waited for Riku to grab a hold before taking off with his usual screech of tires.

So as not to steal Axel's thunder, Riku conveniently left out the fact that Sora had already told him where he had gotten the gift card from. Not that the redhead would have heard him over the noise his motorcycle made anyway. That being fine by Riku, the silver-haired teen merely wrapped his arms securely about his lover and closed his eyes to enjoy the ride to the adult store.

There was something about the two of them on Axel's bike that was almost as intimate as them in bed. It had been that way even before they made love on the bike. Maybe it was the rush of the wind that drowned the rest of the world out, leaving just them or the warmth transferred from where there bodies pressed close to each other. Whatever the reason Axel, preferred riding on the bike with Riku to driving in a car any day.

Neither here nor there, Riku had tuned out everything around them except for the warmth and comfort of Axel's presence in front of him. Therefore, when the bike came to a complete stop, it took the teen several long moments to become aware of it. Riku blinked as the outline of a building slowly came into focus and he reluctantly loosened his grip around Axel's waist.

"Sora actually went in there to buy you a gift?" he asked, shockingly impressed with Sora.

"So he says," Axel chuckled that had pretty much been his reaction as well. Sora seemed so innocent until he did something like this. Then it became quite clear that he hadn't escaped unscathed from years of associating with Riku. The silver-haired teen had clearly corrupted the cute brunette. "Well, ready to go in?" he asked.

"Of course," Riku grinned as he slid off the bike, waiting for Axel to do the same. Since he had steadfastly resisted Sora's gentle urges to pay more attention to the rules and behave himself in a more dignified manner, Riku hadn't even considered that his more reckless nature might have influenced Sora in some way. "We'll have to thank him in person. That should be worth another nosebleed."

"You are positively evil," Axel chuckled, draping his left arm around Riku and slipping the hand into his lover's back pocket. What? It was a comfortable place to allow the hand to rest and he got to feel Riku up at the same time. Just before entering the store Axel paused. "Ri-kun. I want you to pick something that you want us to try tonight. It can be anything. Okay?"

Opening his mouth to protest that it had been Axel's gift so he should pick something, Riku glanced up into the older boy's eyes and promptly closed his mouth. If Axel wanted him to pick it, then he would. Riku didn't want to fight again, but more importantly, he didn't want to see the hurt in his lover's eyes that he had seen there earlier. "All right," he nodded in agreement, not saying a word about the hand in his pocket. Riku would never admit out loud to anyone other than Axel that he found comfort in the possessive gesture rather than annoyance.

Flashing a huge grin as Riku agreed, Axel continued into the store. He began to chuckle right away as they were greeted by a rather gaudy sign advertising a variety of toys. "I'm amazed Sora even made it through the door without getting a nosebleed," he commented as his eyes wandered over the rest of the store. It was a good sized store and had everything from oils to videos to toys. "Hmm, where to begin?"

"Some light bondage?" Riku suggested, looking around himself. "Maybe some kitty ears and a leash?" came the next suggestion as Riku ran his fingers over the fuzzy material of a cat tail. "I'd make a nicer kitty than Butch, that's for sure."

"Mmm, you'd let me put a leash on you?" Axel asked eagerly. He had to wonder if an interest in bondage was a family trait before forcibly setting the thought aside. Riku would not appreciate being compared to Kadaj. Besides he'd told Riku he could pick anything. Still he'd have to put a condition on that. "Just no handcuffs. Anything else is free game."

Riku raised an eyebrow at his lover, but didn't question him regarding the handcuffs. If his reluctance in anyway involved his older brother, or brothers, Riku would not push the issue. If Axel wanted him to know the details, then Axel would tell him. So Riku had to assume that, since he offered no explanations, it was a taboo topic for now. The younger boy would respect that and hoped that Axel would tell him about it one day.

"Yes, I would," Riku nodded, confirming that he would indeed allow the redhead to put a leash on him. Hell, he'd even wear a collar to school if Axel asked it of him. Of course there was the side benefit of scandalizing some of his friends by doing such a thing, but Riku was so predictably unpredictable, that no one ever knew what kind of stunt he would pull next. The silver-haired godling loved keeping people on their toes. "I'd even let you take pictures of me."

Noting the raised eyebrow, Axel silently promised his lover he'd tell all later. The middle of an adult toy store was not the place for dredging up his sordid past. He could only hope that Riku wouldn't think that he was trying to keep this from him. No, he would explain is aversion once they were alone.

"So if we were to get a leash which one would you pick?" Axel asked, perusing the selection on the shelf, mentally picturing Riku in each option. "Don't need pictures. I'd rather have the real thing." Not that he was averse to taking pictures of Riku. Just that he really preferred having Riku then looking at pictures of him. The only really fun use for pictures that Axel could think of would be showing them to Sora.

"This one," Riku replied, grazing his fingers over one made of supple black leather. Apart from the jewels glistening along it's length that matched the shade of Riku's eyes perfectly, the leash appeared rather plain. That is what had drawn Riku to it. It's elegantly simple design. It almost seemed tailor made for him. With it came matching collar from which hung a single, small tear-shaped jewel exactly in it's center. "What do you think?"

"I like it," Axel answered. In truth it was perfect for Riku, but Axel wasn't done learning about Riku's kinkier side. "Let's go look at some of the other stuff before deciding," he suggested, mentally deciding to buy the leash and collar regardless of what else they ended up getting. He had enough spare cash to afford it and anything else that might catch his attention.

"I already picked out what I want to try tonight," Riku pointed out as he allowed himself to be dragged around the store. "Anything else you want to get, you have to pick out yourself." He might make some suggestions as to what kinds of oils he liked, but other than that, Riku would stubbornly stick to his declaration.

"You've made up your mind that fast? Or are you horney and in a hurry to get home?" Axel teased, wandering over to the oils and lotions. His own plain lube was running low and they might as well experiment with flavors or some such. Picking up a bottle with an interesting label he read it over noting that the oil was supposed to warm on contact.

"Yes, I've made up my mind that quickly," Riku nodded. "You, of all people, should know by now that when I decide I want something, I want it now." However, in seeing that the older wasn't finished looking around yet, Riku pointed to another bottle like the redhead held, but different. "Look, it comes in strawberry flavor. No chocolate though, but that's not a problem. Because, as you know, my mom keeps a bottle of chocolate syrup in the fridge at home." Yes, that was said with a straight face.

Replacing the bottle he had been considering, Axel picked up the strawberry flavored version. A smirk curved his lips as he considered it. "Hmm, chocolate strawberry Riku. Sounds delicious," he decided turning to scan the store one last time. "You sure there's nothing else you want while we're here? Last chance."

"I want the kitty ears, tail, collar and leash," Riku answered, coming damn close to sounding like a spoiled brat. Or a petulant child. He couldn't help it. Getting what he wanted came naturally after so many years of perfecting it on his adoptive parents and most of the time he was unaware that he even did it. "For now." Added as an after thought.

Hiding a smirk and chuckle, Axel collected the specified items and brought them as well as the strawberry warming oil to the cashier. Riku may deny being a spoiled rich kid, but Axel knew better. Not that he would ever complain. He loved Riku's demanding nature and enjoyed spoiling the teen. Thus making him choose the toys. It was much more rewarding this way. He smiled charmingly at the lady behind the counter and waited for her to ring up his purchases.

"Yes, that's all for me," Riku told the woman behind the counter with an airy sniff. He didn't like the way she kept looking at him. Not that he wasn't used to being stared at for the exotic beauty he was, but damn, he could swear that her eyes were going to pop out of her head. "Hurry up," he whined, getting up into Axel's face with a pout. "I want some ice cream too."

Axel hadn't missed the looks the sales lady was giving his Ri-kun. So when Riku got close and pouted, his response was a short but heated kiss. It looked like her eyes were going to pop right out of her head. That'll teach her to make eyes at my lover, he thought. He then smirked at the sales lady as he collected his bags, shoving the receipt in one of them. "Thanks," he said placing his arm around Riku, hand in his back pocket again and headed out of the store. Once they were safely outside he began to chuckle.

"And you said I'm evil," Riku laughed, slapping Axel on the ass. "Man... I thought she was going to faint there for a moment. She really shouldn't be so surprised by much working in a store like that." Riku rolled his eyes to show his displeasure. "I'm serious though, I want some ice cream now."

"Does my God have any demands on where we get the ice-cream?" Axel asked straight faced and with not even a hint of a chuckle. He did raise one eyebrow in question. Riku was entitled to be a bit demanding and Axel thought it was adorable when he acted this spoiled. Later he'd tease Riku for his behavior today.

"Nope, you can pick where we go," Riku replied, trying not to grin. "I just thought it might be a good way to kill some more time before we went back to your house for dinner."

"Oh, right. Mmm, this way," Axel said after looking up and down the block. After leading the way back to his bike, Axel strapped the bags to the back before getting on. "I only know of one ice-cream shop worth visiting," he explained as he waited for Riku to join him on the bike.

Riku hesitated for a moment, wondering if he should suggest that they maybe go back to his house for dinner, but he had promised Axel that he would make something for him and his dad. The teen just didn't know how responsive Axel's dad would be after the scene from earlier. "Should... we wait for another day to have dinner at your place?"

Shoulders slumping, Axel sat quiet for a long moment. "We're more likely to get a response from Dad if we wait. I've never seen him show interest twice in one day," he finally said before lifting his head to look at Riku. "Besides I'd rather have you to myself tonight. Without interruptions."

"I... okay," Riku nodded. He only barely resisted the urge to avert his eyes, knowing that it had been his fault that Axel's dad had withdrawn into himself again. With a sigh, Riku got onto the bike behind Axel. "I guess we'll be going to my house?"

The phone began to ring on Riku's side, Namine's ring tone coming through.

Axel had opened his mouth to answer, but shut it again as the ring tone filled the air. Axel smirked and shook his head. Speaking of interruptions, he thought, but kept the comment to himself. It wasn't Riku's fault that he was popular.

"Sorry," Riku murmured as he pulled his phone from his pocket. A long time ago he had switched to using Japanese on his phone so Sora wouldn't be able to tell who was calling and the characters that came now up on the caller ID told him that it was Naminé calling. Wondering what she wanted Riku flipped the phone open and said, "Midorikawa's Mortuary. You stab 'em we slab 'em. What can I do for you?"

"Riku, you nut!" Namine chuckled. "Axel there with you? I got some small Christmas surprises for you guys! Come by real soon, okay? I won't take 'no' for an answer!" She said cheerfully, chuckling again. "Now, I mean it! I expect you here in 15 minutes...and you know what'll happen if you're not." Her voice held warning as she then hung up.

Oh, if only Riku could see his own face right now, Axel thought with a smirk. He could tell it had been a girl on the phone, but not who it was. Curiosity warred with common sense. Axel knew that if he was just a little patient Riku would tell him who had called. He tilted his head to the side and waited for Riku to explain.

If Riku had blinked, he would have missed the message, for it definitely hadn't been a conversation, entirely. "Uh..." he said, snapping the phone shut to look at Axel, a bemused smile playing about his lips. "That was Naminé and she's expecting us at her house in fifteen minutes. Can we even make it there...." Never mind. Riku knew better than to finish that sentence. Of course Axel could have them there in the allotted time frame. "Let's go. Can't keep her waiting."

With a brief nod and a chuckle, Axel settled on the bike. "Fifteen minutes you said? I'm gonna have to really push it if we're going to make it in time," he warned knowing, Riku would get the picture. This was going to be a rush.

"Yeah, I knew you were going to say that," Riku said wryly, leaning forward to grasp his lover tightly about the waist. "Let's just hope that all the cops decided it was break time and went for coffee and donuts."

"Hey I haven't gotten caught yet," Axel bragged before revving the engine and taking off with a squeal of tires. Speed limits didn't exist as he made his way toward Namine's house. If there were any cops around they didn't bother to give chase, he was going faster then they could catch anyway. Axel was laughing from the adrenaline rush by the time he pulled to a stop.

Namine waited in her living room, sitting on the couch with two boxes on her lap. She rocked her legs back and forth under her playfully. She hummed a little tune under her breath, awaiting the door bell. "Five minutes..." She said aloud, smirking at the horrible thoughts of torture she had slowly growing in her mind.

"That was wicked fast!" Riku said in awe. He was tempted to tell Axel to keep going, but Naminé had warned him that if they didn't show up on time something bad would happen. Well, he thought with a grin, there was always after they left her house. As he slid off the back of the bike, Riku's grin became more of a smirk as he turned to reach into the motorcycle's storage until. "Here," he said, holding out the collar to his lover. "I want you to put this on me."

Taking the offered item, Axel blinked twice before smirking back at Riku. It was moments like this that made Axel absolutely dedicated to his lover. With great care he fastened the black leather collar around Riku's neck, trailing fingers over it before sitting back to take in his lover's appearance. The jewel sparkled in the sunlight, matching the glint in Riku's aquamarine eyes. "Holy fuck, that's hot," Axel growled, hooking a finger into the link that the leash attached to and pulling Riku close enough to kiss.

"Get in here, you dooshes!" That was the closest she'd ever get to a cuss word, it seemed. She was pouting angrily at them from her door way--even looking a bit sad. "Fondle on your own time!"

"Of course it is, because I'm the one wearing it. Just wait until I put those ears on," Riku whispered against warm lips, teasing his lover. "However, that's going to have to wait." Riku flicked the end of Axel's nose, then turned to shout up at Naminé. "My my, somebody is cranky today."

Standing, Axel slapped Riku's ass in retaliation for the nose flick before turning his attention to Namine. "But Namine look. How'm I supposed to keep my hands off him when he's that hot?" he whined at the blond girl.

Batting his lashed demurely at Naminé as he approached the blonde girl, Riku ran his fingers over the collar much like Axel had just done. "Like my pretty new present? Well, Axel's really, so no touchy!" he warned, wagging a finger at Naminé as he gave a stern look while inside he was trying so hard not to laugh. "I won't be responsible for my lover's actions if you do."

Namine just 'humph'ed playfully at Riku, her sweet smile returning instantly. "Sorry! I'm just so excited! You're going to love your gifts!" She said, deciding to come to them instead. She was having some difficulty carrying the boxes, one rather big with a smaller one on top.

"I'll be good as long as she doesn't try to grope you," Axel retorted, completely thrilled with Riku's obvious pride in the collar. Damn, but he loved that guy. He also began to walk toward Namine, staying a step or two behind Riku so he could watch his lover's ass as he walked. Hey, if he wasn't allowed to touch then he'd look fair trade, right? "I hope those presents are worth breaking a dozen speed limits over."

Namine rolled her eyes. "No problems there, Lover Boy. You have more germs then I can count!" She kept her smile up as she spoke; glad to see the two weren't fighting...she had heard that they were bickering again, so it was nice to see all was well--at least for the moment. "Help me with these!"

"And break a nail? I don't think so," Riku said, playing at being a ’diva’. "Axel, would you be a dear and help the poor girl out before she gives herself a hernia."

Namine pouted sadly at Riku. "I don't get you..." She said her voice full of tears. "Do you not like me anymore...? I'm not even worth you taking your own present? I bought them special for you guys... I made yours myself, Riku!"

"Eh? What kind of question is that?" Riku asked, suddenly wary of the blonde. He had only been playing around. Couldn't she see that?

Taking the gifts from Namine Axel couldn't hide his laugh. "Don't worry Nami, Ri-kun's just a little testy today. I'm afraid I was an idiot earlier and pissed him off. Now we're all paying the price," he whispered to the girl.

Namine just nodded, still pouting sadly. She was one to take a joke, honestly, but Riku had been nothing but the 'diva' to her lately. It was hard to tell if he was playing or not anymore. "Here..." She said dejectedly, pulling the smaller box off the bigger one and handing it to Riku. "The other one is Axel's..."

Taking the box, Riku unconsciously stepped backward and a little behind his lover. "Thank you."

"Thanks. Hey Nami. Is everything okay? You seem kinda down," Axel asked, shifting his gift to one hand so he could give the girl a one armed hug. It was odd that she hadn't glomped him or complained about how thin he was.

"Huh?" Namine said, blinking and looking up at Axel. "I'm fine, skinny! Open your gift!" She said, mostly forcing herself to be happy again--but succeeding none the less. "I actually made them both, but I had to buys stuff in order to. Nah duh, right?" She chuckled, giving her forehead a playful slap with her palm.

Sucking in part of his lower lip, Riku rested a cheek against Axel's left shoulder and began unwrapping the present from Naminé.

Chuckling, Axel began untying the ribbon on his box, tucking it into a pocket to use on Riku later. Lifting the lid, he peered inside and gave another laugh. It was a good thing he liked sweets because Namine seemed determined to fatten him up. "Thanks, Namine. It's really great," he said, holding the box so Riku could see inside.

Inside Axel's box was a cake with a chibi Riku drawn into the frosting--rather skillfully. She grinned at how much Axel liked it, jumping in her place some and clapping her hands. Inside Riku's box was a crystal frame with frosted, white flame designs along it. Inside the frame was a picture of Axel and Riku, sleeping side by side. She would never reveal Yuffie had been spying on the boys...

If Riku were any other person, he might have blushed, but as it was.... "Look, Axel...” He held the frame up for Axel to see after he looked at Axel's cake. “They got your good side at least."

"Namine, how did you get this picture?" Axel asked suspiciously. It was a very good picture of them and the frame was beautiful. One just had to wonder when she managed to take it.

Namine just grinned innocently. "The internet?"

"Right next to all those pictures of Cloud and Leon?" Riku asked, just as innocently.

"Eh, whatever. I was just curious. Thanks again Nami! I'll be thinking of you while I eat Riku," Axel said with a straight face. He knew exactly how that sounded and had to fight hard not to spoil it by laughing.

Namine blushed, gaping slightly at Axel, then chuckled--her grin returning. "Okay, be safe on your way back, guys! I love you!" She said, attacking them at once with a bear hug. "Use condoms, be gentle--or rough, don't hurt yourselves, watch the road, no speeding, and don't do drugs!"

"If it's chocolate cake, you could add some of the strawberry stuff we just got to it...." Riku suggested, looking down to put his gift back in the box, effectively hiding his grin.

"Hmm, that's a good idea," Axel agreed finally allowing himself a snicker. "Yes, ma'am. We promise to be very good. Right Ri-kun?"

"You better just be safe. I worry!" She said, pointing a finger accusing at Axel--looking like a stern mother.

"Define good?" Riku asked his lover, raising an elegant silver eyebrow at Axel.

"Yes, mother," Axel said in his best imitation of a three year old. He then gave Naminé a quick one armed hug. "That goes for you to. Be safe. We'll see you at school." He then turned his attention back to Riku. "Good is what I am when you're screaming my name."

"And you say I'm the arrogant one," Riku snorted, giving Axel a good natured poke in the side.

Naminé rolled her eyes. "Leave that talk for when I'm NOT around, please?" She began to walk back to her house, waving her hand at them. "Have fun, miss you!"

"See ya!" Axel called, securing his and Riku's gifts before climbing on the bike. He was quite anxious to play with their new toys. Revving the engine he threw a final wave to Naminé while he waited for Riku to settle in behind him.

"Thank you," Riku repeated, shouting over the motorcycle engine as he waved good-bye to Naminé while he climbed on the bike behind his lover.

"My place or your's?" Axel asked over his shoulder with a grin, "Or did you still want that ice-cream?"

"Nope. We can have that cake Naminé gave you instead," Riku said, looking as innocent as he possibly could while wrapping his arms about his lover's waist. "Savvy?"

"Mmm," Axel agreed, noticing that Riku hadn't chosen a location for them. Oh well, looks like it was up to Axel to decide. Kicking his bike into gear Axel took off, fast but not as fast as the ride to Namine's. When the time came to choose between heading for home or Riku's place he took the turn towards Riku's not wanting to ruin their mood with reminders of his father and the fight they had.

Inwardly Riku sighed when Axel headed for his house, but he really couldn't blame his lover. It would probably be uncomfortable around Axel's father, but Riku had wanted to at least try and soothe things over. Apparently that would have to wait until another day. If Axel ever allowed him into his house again that was.

Coming to a stop in front of Riku's house, Axel let the bike idle for a long moment before shutting it off decisively. He'd made his choice no point in second guessing it now. He told the voice in the back of his mind that was calling him a coward to shut the fuck up as he waited for Riku to get off the bike.

Sullenly looked up at his house as if it were responsible for Axel thinking that he was a spoiled little rich kid, Riku let Axel go and silently got off the motorcycle. As he dug into his jacket pocket for his keys, Riku's fingers brushed over the model tucked away there and spared a quick glance at Sora's house and wondered if Axel thought of the brunet as spoiled as well. Probably. Shrugging it off, so it wouldn't depress him, Riku made his way up the walkway to his house.

Axel gathered their gifts from the back of the bike before following Riku up the walkway. It wasn't lost on him that Riku was less then thrilled at the moment and he had a good idea why. The question was, was Riku upset enough that they'd have to deal with it now or could it wait until another day? Axel didn't want to fight again today so he held his silence, waiting for Riku to either bring it up or let it go.

After unlocking the front door, Riku turned to wait for Axel to join him so they could enter together. "Would you mind if we ordered out for dinner? Say Chinese or something? I really don't feel like making anything right now."

"Chinese sounds good," Axel answered, walking into the house with Riku. He then headed into the kitchen where he dumped his armful of stuff on the table. "You want cake now or after dinner?" he asked sorting through the pile, setting the cake aside in case Riku wanted it now.

Draping his jacket over a chair, Riku went to the counter closest to the phone and hopped up on to it. He leaned back, head resting against the door to a cabinet and looked in Axel's direction. "My parents won't be home until late so whatever you want to do is fine with me."

"Really? Whatever I want?" Axel asked with a smirk. He dug the leash out of a bag and walked over to where Riku sat on the counter, running hands up the inside of his legs encouraging him to part them so he could stand between. He then left one hand resting on Riku's upper thigh while the other snapped the leash onto the collar before looking up into Riku's aqua eyes. Using the leash for leverage, he began draw Riku's head down towards his own intent on claiming a kiss.

"On one condition," Riku whispered, placing a finger against Axel's lips, denying him a kiss for the moment. "You have to promise me that you will find out who took that picture of us and help me get back at them. Deal?"

"Deal," Axel murmured before flicking his tongue against Riku's finger. With a wicked grin, he sucked his lover's finger into his mouth, nibbling lightly at it before sucking again.

"Tease," Riku pouted, pulling his finger away form Axel. He then leaned forward a little, wrapping his arms about Axel's neck as he looked the older boy directly in the eyes, leisurely rolling his hips against the redhead as he brought their lips together for a deep, breath-stealing kiss.

Axel might have protested being called a tease, but he was too lost in Riku's kiss to think. Both hands made their way to Riku's ass, the leash forgotten for the moment, gripping the jean clad flesh; Axel pulled his lover's body tight against his own.

"Nngh..." Riku moaned, now prepared to surrender himself to Axel's wishes and allow him to do anything he wanted. As long as it wasn't degrading. He had a right to stop him anytime he wasn't comfortable with the situation.

Panting, Axel broke the kiss. He fully intended to wear Riku out and so it was better that they eat first. Not that Axel wasn't dying to see Riku in the ears and tail they'd bought. "Order dinner. We can play with our new toys after we eat," he said, unfastening the leash.

"Yes, sir," Riku responded automatically, only just avoiding sounding petulant. He felt like cursing the damn restaurant for daring to interrupt his fun, but when his stomach growled, Riku smiled sheepishly and reached for the take out menus his family kept in a basket by the phone. "What would like?"

"Anything will do. As long as it's food and fast," Axel answered, forcing himself away from Riku before he jumped him again. Why did he have to be so very irresistible? The collar only made things that much harder for Axel, who was never good at keeping his hands off Riku under any circumstance.

After flipping through the menu of a Chinese/Japanese place, Riku finally settled on ordering his favorites and hoped that Axel would like them as well. If not the redhead could always find something in the fridge or have his cake from Naminé. When the order was finished being place, Riku informed the redhead that dinner should arrive in about twenty to thirty minutes.

Having wandered back over to the table, Axel put the leash back in their bag of goodies before slumping into a chair. He convinced himself to be content with watching Riku decide on and order dinner. When Riku told him how long they had to wait before the food arrived he straitened in his chair and beckoned for Riku. "C'mere."

"Make me," Riku said with a sniff, lifting his chin defiantly. He was quite comfortable where he sat. Besides, Axel had been the one to pull away and demand that he order food for them so he should have to be the one to go to the other.

Raising an eyebrow, Axel considered his lover. It would seem Riku had decided to be difficult. With a mental sigh, Axel pushed to his feet. "Fine,I will," he answered, striding back to where Riku perched. Pausing, he once again considered the situation before giving a shrug. Stepping forward, he wrapped both arms around Riku's waist and lifted his lover from the counter before turning and beginning to walk back to his chair.

"What the fuck?" was all Riku had the time to say as he found himself held tightly in his lover's arms. "I was comfortable there! Put me down!" If he could have, he would slapped Axel's ass, but as it were they were trapped at his sides. "Despite what I know you were thinking, I wasn't being difficult."

Having reached the table and his own chair, Axel set Riku down. "Could have fooled me," he said taking his seat, "If you didn't want to be manhandled you shouldn't have challenged me. You know I can't resist a challenge."

"Maybe I wanted you to fuck me there," Riku told his lover as he crossed his arms over his chest, now slightly annoyed. "No matter what I say or do right now, it's not going to make much difference to you anyway. You're only going to think I'm being difficult."

Eyes narrowing for a moment, Axel frowned and stood up again. "Hey, I"m not a mind reader. If there's something you want, you got to tell me. So tell me, why the attitude all the sudden?"

"Why not? I kinda feel like I'm damned if I do, damned if I don't right now," Riku shrugged, idly tracing his finger along a dark grain of wood in the table top. "You know... I went to your house because I just wanted to see you. That's all. No hidden motives. I just missed you."

"I'm sorry," Axel mumbled, hanging his head. It seemed he would be saying that for this mistake for a long time to come. Capturing the hand that had been tracing the table, Axel brought it to his lips kissing each finger before kissing the palm. "I didn't mean to make you feel this way. I love everything about you. The way your eyes spark when you're pissed. The way you pout when you don't get your way. The cocky little grin when you order me around. The sound of your voice when you moan my name."

"Yes it's true that I'm used to getting my own way, but it really bothers me that you think I'm a spoiled brat," Riku said softly, staring at their joined hands. "If you're uncomfortable with me buying you things, just say so. I don't do it in order to show off that I'm better than anyone or to buy your love, I do it because I want to. It's something I've always done, will probably always do."

"Ah, so that's what this is all about," Axel murmured. "I won't deny that I think you're spoiled. But it's not a bad thing. In fact I happen to enjoy spoiling you. I also have no problem with you buying me stuff or anything like that. The thing with my dad had nothing to do with how I saw you and everything to do with my own stupidity."

"That's not quite it," Riku shook his head, still trying to come up with a good way to explain his feelings. "It's more about... this fear that's lurking in the back of my mind that... about my darker impulses. Like when I lashed out you because I was hurting. I don't want... I don't ever want to become like him... "

Pulling Riku into a hug, Axel shook his head. "You're not like him. He's manipulative, selfish and cruel. You aren't like that. Okay?"

Riku hide his face against Axel's chest. "I'm selfish and... when I was younger, I once heard my mother telling my father that she was worried about me because... I could get anybody to do anything I wanted them too..."

"Do you enjoy seeing other people hurt?" Axel asked dead serious. It was true that Riku shared some similarities with Kadaj, but as far as Axel was concerned they were different in two very important ways.

"No," Riku shook his head. He did not. It always made him feel so guilty when he somehow managed to hurt anyone. Riku would never do it on purpose. "Axel... why did your dad look at me like... he wished I would just melt into the floor and disappear?"

"For the same reason I freak out every time you try to walk away from me," Axel answered with a sigh, "We don't deal well with rejection. I don't know what mom said to him before leaving, but I can guarantee he pleaded with her to stay. Like I did when you threatened to leave. Understand?"

"Yeah, I guess so," Riku replied. "But I already told you... I wasn't leaving you. I just wanted some room to think and cool off."

"I know that now, but at the time you were so pissed I thought you were leaving for good. You threw that model at my head. People don't normally throw things at people they don't hate," Axel responded with a chuckle. His first reaction to anyone walking away was to assume they were leaving on a permanent basis. When it came to Riku Axel couldn't let that happen.

"Well, I'm not exactly normal," Riku whispered. "And... I've been known to throw things at people when I'm angry. Ask Sora. At least I didn't hit you," he pointed out. "Roxas hit me once... and I hit him back. So far I've been able to suppress the more violent urges, but... what happens if one day I fail to? That... frightens me."

"Yeah, I know. I'm the one that lost it and practically beat Kadaj to death," Axel answered, burying his face in Riku's hair. He couldn't offer much comfort on this one. Like he said, he had given in to those impulses and lived with the guilt and fear that he might do so again.

Reaching up, Riku ran his fingers through Axel's hair in a soothing manner meant for both of them. "I promised you that I would not threaten to walk out on you... I need you to promise me the same. Will you do that?"

"Wild horses couldn't drag me away from you. Ri-kun, I promise," Axel said, practically purring as his lover stroked his hair. Eyes closed he simply held Riku, letting their body heat mingle. It felt so good to be with him.

"Thank you," Riku whispered, much relieved with his lover's promise. He didn't feel quite as tense as he had only minutes ago and in the back of his mind he knew they would both have to work hard to mend things, but at least they had taken a step in the right direction. "Aishiteru, Axel."

"I love you to." Axel pulled back just enough to bring his lips to Riku's. He hated that his careless words had hurt Riku so deeply, but in a way he was also glad for this fight. They were building a stronger bond, accepting everything about each other both the good and the bad. It would bring them closer.

Just as Riku was about to deepen their connection, the doorbell rang. Dinner had arrived.

Riku sighed, disappointed with the interruption, and drew back. The silver-haired teen hadn't eaten since breakfast so if hadn't been so hungry he might have ignored it. "Sorry," came the softly spoken apology as he stood, hand digging into his pocket for his wallet. "I'll be right back." With his other hand, Riku brushed his thumb over Axel's cheek as he smiled at his lover, then he turned and headed into the living room to retrieve their dinner.

Figures, Axel thought as Riku went to pay for dinner. With a shrug he began clearing the table, moving their bag of goodies to the floor and the cake onto the counter. "Ri-kun do you want something to drink with dinner?" he called snagging a soda for himself from the fridge.

"I’ll have whatever you're having," Riku called back as he kicked the front door shut behind him. Then, hands full with their food, he headed back to the kitchen where he placed his burden down onto the table. "About that picture... I think I may have an idea who took it. I'm pretty sure Sora didn't do it, buuut he had to have at least been an accomplice because the only place I know of to get a picture from that angle would be his bedroom window. I can see his room from my bedroom window."

"Mmm, what makes you think he didn't? He's not half as innocent as he seems to be," Axel asked, grabbing a second soda before closing the fridge. Setting both cans on the table he then began to help Riku sort out their food. "Does this mean we get to interrogate Sora?"

"It's not really his style," Riku said, turning to grab some chopsticks from a drawer. He also grabbed a fork in case Axel preferred to use one. "You can interrogate him if you'd like, but I really don't think it was him. Naminé is a Cloud and Leon stalker, so it's not her either and Kairi knows I'd get her back in the most embarrassing way possible. So ... it has to be some other yaoi crazy fangirl like... Yuffie or Selphie."

"Even if he didn't do it, he should know who did," Axel pointed out, taking the fork since he never mastered using chopsticks. "I can see Yuffie doing something like that. She's totally crazed."

"Yuffie needs a boyfriend," Riku snorted, pointing to a container with a chopstick. "I got two Japanese dishes if you're brave enough to try them. The first is Tempura Udon: which is udon noodles in soup with shrimp and vegetable tempura. Tempura is a batter that the vegetables are fried in. Kinda along the lines of something like breaded chicken but ... fluffier." He pointed to another container. "The second is Beef Kushi Yaki: which is grilled beef and vegetables on a skewer with a special sauce. Now for the Chinese dishes." Again he pointed to another container. "This is Sweet and Sour Chicken and this one is Mu Shoo Pork. Plus there's white rice and pork fried rice."

Nodding his agreement on Riku's assessment of Yuffie, Axel listened attentively while Riku explained the food. Axel's lips twitched as he tried not to laugh. Riku was so cute, he sounded like a waiter or something. "Ever considered working at a Japanese restaurant?" he asked with a chuckle. "And isn't it considered rude to point with your chopsticks?" Axel didn't know much about Japanese culture but he had picked up a few things over the years.

"Well, ... yes it is, but my mom isn't here to get all embarrassed about my bad manners and slap my hand," Riku grinned. While his adoptive mother was Japanese, his adoptive father wasn't so his mom had let some things slide while he was growing up. He did know proper etiquette, he just chose to ignore it sometimes because he could be very lazy about it when his mom wasn't around to correct him. "Now I'm going to be even more rude by telling you to just shut up and eat."

Axel just laughed and dug in. He wouldn't tease Riku anymore right now. After all he was hungry and the food was good. That and he didn't want to push his luck tonight. He was determined to see Riku decked out in ears, tail and collar.

"If I worked in a Japanese restaurant, or anywhere for that matter, I wouldn't get to see you as much as I do," Riku commented, not having forgotten about Axel's other question. "It's bad enough that I have to go to Kendo, but it would really suck if I had to work as well."

"Mmhm," Axel agreed, mouth full. He'd only been joking when he suggested it. He very much liked being able to spend so much time with Riku. "Speaking of Kendo, when is your next tournament? I think I'd like to watch you compete," Axel asked he had grown curious about this part of Riku's life that he hadn't yet gotten to see. He knew Riku was good, but that was about it.

"You mean you want to see me kick Seifer's ass," Riku chuckled, picking up some sweet and sour chicken with his chopsticks. "Our next tournament isn't for about two weeks yet. "He's only captain of the team because he has a really big mouth and I just didn't feel like doing it. Even Fuu can kick his ass on her worst day."

"Two weeks. Right then, I'll be sure not to miss it," Axel said, deciding to try the tempura udon. "So then why isn't Fuu the captain? If she's that much better then Seifer?"

"Cause she's not better than me and if I wouldn't take the title of captain, then she said she wouldn't either," Riku informed Axel. "She's... a strange one sometimes. And no, I don't know if we're related or not. Everyone keeps asking me that. Other than having 3 older brothers, I know nothing about my birth parents families."

"I think between the two of us we have enough family members to worry about. Let's not add anymore," Axel suggested with a wry smile. Having eaten his fill, Axel leaned back in his chair soda in hand. His eyes lingered on Riku, watching, taking the moment to marvel once again at how hot his lover was. Especially now with the collar snug against his throat and aqua jewel catching the light from the chandelier above them.

After a minute or so of silence, Riku finally looked up, chopsticks poised close to his mouth for another bite of food. "Finished?" he asked, noting the look in Axel's eyes. One that made him shiver in delight, made him feel warm all over and wanted. Truly wanted for who he was, not just for his exceptionally good looks. He set his chopsticks down on his plate and smiled mischievously. "Ready for dessert?"

It was Axel's turn to shiver as he set his can of pop down on the table. He wanted to sweep the food from the table, tear Riku's clothes off, throw him down on the table and devour him until he begged to be fucked. Only two things kept him from doing just that. One it would make an awful mess and two, he also wanted to see Riku wearing the ears and tail tonight. So, holding back, he managed to nod and utter a husky, "Yes."

"Hmmm..." Riku murmured, wondering what to do about the food. While it would not be a big deal to leave it sit out for an hour or two, Riku seriously doubted that once they went upstairs he would feel like coming back down later to clean up. He sighed with resignation and started clearing off the table. "Why don't you go on up to my room. This shouldn't take me too long to clean up."

Normally Axel would have insisted on helping clean up, but he wasn't sure he could keep his hands to himself long enough for them to finish cleaning.

Promising himself he'd make it up to Riku in pleasure tonight, Axel stood and hugged Riku from behind. "Hurry. I'll be waiting," he murmured before kissing along Riku's neck. Reluctantly he broke away, hands sliding over his lover's body, keeping contact for as long as possible, and headed out of the kitchen.

"I won't make you wait long," Riku promised his lover, a hand going to his neck as he watched him go. There really wasn't much to do, just the closing of containers that held food they hadn't finished which then went into the refrigerator. Dirty dishes went into the sink and the empty soda cans went into recycling bins. All in all it took about ten minutes, then Riku was taking the stairs two at a time to join his lover in his bedroom.

Axel had tried to lounge on Riku's bed while he waited, but found he was too wound up for that. He had taken his boots off when he first entered the room. Now he paced barefoot around the room. Curiosity drew him to the window as he wondered just how much Sora could see, wondering how much the boy had already seen. There he stood hands in pockets, gazing out the window and almost directly into Sora's room.

Already having divested himself of his shoes when he had first entered his house, Riku quietly approached Axel, who stood as if transfixed by something by the window in his room. He had been certain that his reflection in the glass would give his approach away, but it hadn't and the silver-haired teen smiled to himself as he wrapped his arms about Axel and whispered 'Boo' into his ear.

Startled from his speculations, Axel gave a small jump before smiling warmly. His hands covered Riku's as he leaned back into his lover's warmth. "I was just picturing you and Sora as kids talking over those can and string phone things," he told Riku with a laugh.

"I still have them somewhere," Riku chuckled fondly, resting his chin over a warm shoulder. "But our parents made us stop doing it after Sora fell out of the window. He wasn't hurt though. Only his pride was bruised. I couldn't talk to him for days without laughing. He was cute when he'd get mad about it."

"Mmm, I don't want to talk about Sora anymore," Axel said, one hand pulling Riku around until he faced the redhead. The other hand went to the silver-haired teen's cheek, guiding Riku's lips to meet his own.

'But he could see us...' Riku barely had time to think before he was being thoroughly kissed. He moaned softly against warm lips as he pressed closer to Axel, his hands grabbing the redhead's shirt for support.

Smirking into the kiss, Axel made sure to put on a nice little show of groping Riku, just in case Sora was watching, before blindly groping for the drapes and closing them. Safe from prying eyes, not that either teen cared if they were watched, Axel moved his kisses from Riku's lips to his ear and neck, hands sliding beneath his shirt to caress over heated skin.

Riku made a small noise in the back of his throat, something between a moan and a whine and shuddered as cool hands came in contact with his bare skin. "Bed- " he gasped out, tugging on Axel's shirt to get the older teen to move in that very direction.

Slowly Axel allowed Riku to pull him to the bed, not breaking from the kiss. A quick peek showed they were nearly at the bed so he tugged Riku's shirt off over his head before moving to attack his lover's neck. The collar covered about a two inch thick strip of neck forcing Axel to skip over that bit and continue his teasing beneath the leather. Meanwhile his hands were also busy smoothing over Riku's back, nails occasionally grazing the skin.

Not being able to actually see behind him, he didn't know how far they had to go and when the back of Riku's legs hit the bed he toppled backward. With his hands still gripping his lover's shirt, naturally Axel fell with him and Riku let out a small grunt as the redhead landed heavily on top of him. "Wasn't there ... something you wanted me to ... wear?" Riku panted, eyes falling on the bag from the adult store next to them on his bed.

Scrambling to all fours so he didn't continue to crush his lover, Axel followed to direction of Riku's gaze. Smirking, he nodded reaching over to drag the bag closer. "Almost forgot," he confessed shifting himself, from on top of Riku so he was sitting on the bed next to him.

"I didn't," Riku said, rolling onto his side, one arm propping his head up. The younger teen knew that his lover had been very excited about the items in his bag and right then, more than anything, Riku wanted to make the redhead happy. Reaching out with his free hand, the silver-haired boy brushed his hand along Axel's thigh as he looked up into green eyes. "Well? What are you waiting for?"

Confusion wrinkling his brow, Axel tried to think through the lust clouding his mind, an endeavor that wasn't helped by Riku's touch. What was he waiting for? His eyes flicked to the bag again and realization dawned. Chuckling at his own stupidity, Axel began extracting items from the bag. The oil got put on the bedside table for use later, the ears and tail were handed to Riku so the teen could put them on, the leash he kept waiting to add it as a finishing touch. The bag was then set on the floor out of the way and Axel turned to watch Riku.

"You're not going to put them on me?" Riku asked, staring at the items in his hand. He didn't mind doing it himself, he just thought Axel would have wanted the pleasure of doing it himself. They were set on the bed so Riku could undo his pants and wriggled his way out of them. The pants were then tossed carelessly to the floor somewhere near his previously discarded shirt before Riku picked the tail back up to figure out how to put it on.

"I want to watch," Axel answered, fingers playing with the leash, keeping his hands occupied so he didn't just jump his lover. If Axel had tried to put the items on Riku they never would have gotten put on. He would have gotten distracted with touching his lover. So he watched, tangling his hands in the leash to hold back the near overwhelming desire to molest Riku.

"Voyeuristic pervert--" Riku chuckled, getting to his knees so he could adjust the tail until it sat just right. It felt weird, but he put it on for it Axel. Once the tail was firmly in place the ears were donned, then Riku placed his hands on the bed and looked up at Axel through long, silver bangs as he crawled toward the redhead slowly, licking his lips in a teasing manner and meowed softly. "Do you like?" he purred, placing his hand over Axel's crotch, grinning wickedly as he felt the heat of his lover's reaction to him through the material of his pants.

Laughing his agreement with Riku's assessment of his sexual tendencies, Axel's eyes followed every movement of his lover's hands. As Riku began to crawl toward him Axel found it hard to breath until Riku touched him. Then Axel gasped and moaned. Untangling one hand from the leash he caressed the soft fur of the ears before nodding. "Oh, I like. Now for the final touch," he answered snapping the leash onto the collar. "You are one very sexy kitty."

"Mrow..." Riku murmured, leaning forward a little more to rub his cheek against his lover's crotch, very careful to not knock the ears off his head. "I'm your koneko... kitty... only. What would you have me do... master?"

"Take my clothes off and keep calling me that," Axel answered with a smirk. It was a thrill to have the proud Riku call him master. The same teen that called himself a god. Who wouldn't find that a major turn-on?

"Yes, sir, master sir," Riku purred, crawling into Axel's lap so he could work on his lover's shirt. When the buttons were out of the way, Riku ran his hands up the length of the redhead's smooth chest, raking fingernails over pale skin, leaving red marks all over that were nearly deep enough to draw blood, but not quite. Upon reaching Axel's nipples, Riku paused momentarily to push down on them with his thumbs, watching them harden and grow warmer as he teased them with light caresses. Then, replacing his fingers with his mouth, Riku quickly pushed Axel's almost forgotten shirt off his shoulders and sucked hard on the sweet nubs before his fingers sought out the waistband of the redhead's pants. They were a little tricky to undo with Axel sitting up, but somehow Riku managed it.

Axel's hands automatically went to Riku's backside, smoothing over the firm flesh and down his thighs before caressing his way back up again. The sharp sting of nails in flesh brought a groan to Axel's lips that only grew louder as the teen played with his nipples. When he felt the restraint of his pants loosen, he braced his elbows on the bed and lifted his hips so Riku could finish removing them. By now he was panting lightly, eyes half lidded with pleasure.

"What else would you like me to do, master?" Riku whispered seductively, pushing the readhead's pants out of the way. He glanced upward as he pressed warm lips to Axel's abdomen, leaving a damp trail across heated skin. His fingers slipped between his lover's legs, seeking out his erection, touching and stroking hard flesh with sure, precise movements.

"Ahnn," Axel moaned, allowing himself to fall back fully against the bed. "Suck on me Ri-kun," he ordered, bucking his hips into the touch. Fighting the need to close his eyes in pleasure, wanting to watch Riku go down on him.

"As you wish," Riku grinned wickedly, scooting backward to settle himself over his lover's thighs. Still smiling, Riku bowed forward, lapping at the head of Axel's erection softly with his tongue as he wrapped one hand firmly around the base of his cock. He didn't often get a chance to give his lover a blow job, it was usually Axel who gave him one, so Riku was determined to savor each and every lick, each deliberate stroke of his hand, wanting to hear Axel moaning his name in pleasure.

"Nnnng," Axel moaned, hands fisting into the sheets. "Oh god, yes! Just like that. Haaah, Ri-nnng. Rikuuu," he groaned out, back arching as he fought not to move his hips for fear of choking his lover. Riku had once asked if Sora gave a better blow job then him. The answer was a resounding no. Riku was unimaginably skilled and had Axel moaning with every lick, suck and caress. When at last Axel felt like he might explode, he gave a firm tug on the leash he still held clenched in his first. "Stop, c'mere," he ordered in a voice husky from pleasure.

"Nnnnnn..." Riku whined out his displeasure, but did as Axel told him. Pouting, the silver-haired godling slowly crawled up the length of the redhead's body until he was able to sprawl out completely on top of him. "Why did you stop me? I wasn't done playing."

"Cause I was about to cum and I didn't want to, yet," Axel answered between pants. "You're really fucking good at that," he complimented, running his fingers through Riku's hair. "Kiss me."

"Next time you're going to let me finish," Riku told Axel as he let the sensation of being touched so lovingly wash through him. He then kissed the redhead firmly, having already forgiven him for interrupting him. Riku had lost sight of the fact that he was supposed to be doing as Axel told him, not taking control as he tended to do.

As their tongues tangled, Axel pulled firmly on Riku's hair, knowing the other enjoyed it. When the kiss broke, he smirked up at Riku. "Next time you can do whatever you want," he promised, not the least reluctant to let Riku suck him off. "Now I want to watch you ride my cock."

"Yes, master," Riku shivered, sitting back up, perched across Axel's thighs once more. He held out his hand and quietly asked his lover for the lube. It didn't matter if it were the one he kept in his nightstand or the flavored one they had gotten in the adult store earlier.

Since the flavored lube was out already, Axel grabbed it and handed it to Riku. This wouldn't be the only time they used it tonight. No, Axel planned on damn near covering Riku in it and licking it all off. But that could wait till later.

As he opened the bottle of lube, Riku rose to his knees, still straddling Axel's thighs. He poured a generous amount of the viscous liquid onto Axel's cock before he poured some more into his hands. "You're going to have to take care of yourself for a bit," Riku said, dropping the bottle beside them as he leaned forward, placing his dry hand onto the mattress close to his lover's hip. Keeping his piercing gaze locked on Axel, Riku smiled as he reached between his own thighs and slowly pressed his finger inside his opening to prepare himself for his Axel. Dropping his head back, the younger teen moaned loudly, thrusting his fingers in and out, fucking himself gently, teasing the redhead.

Letting out a shuddering breath as the lube warmed against his skin, Axel found he was still dangerously close to release. He needed to calm himself or things would be over too soon. So instead of stroking himself while Riku prepared for him, Axel grasped his lover's neglected length. Slowly he pumped, eyes still locked with Riku's aqua one's. A slight smirk twisted his lips, knowing the teen hadn't been expecting this. If Riku wanted to play at teasing, then Axel would give as good as he got.

"Axel..." Riku moaned, shivering with delight, his breath catching in his throat. "Not fair... don't... " he panted, eyes falling closed as he arched back, suddenly struggling not to give in to his need, hands grasping at the bedcovers to steady himself. The forgotten tail didn't help the situation any as the soft, fuzzy material brushed across a sensitive ass cheek, forcing another moan from between kiss swollen lips.

"Don't?" Axel asked, raising on eyebrow as he stilled his hand, "Are you sure you want me to stop?" It was obvious Riku was enjoying this. Likely he was only protesting the loss of control. Even when playing the submissive Riku wanted control. Axel knew this and rarely challenged that desire. So he waited holding, but not stroking his lover's straining erection.

"Nnnggh..." Riku moaned, bending forward to press his sweaty brow against Axel's stomach. "Didn't want... cum... need... you inside..." he panted, obviously struggling yet to keep his desire in check. When he had his breathing back under control, Riku sat up, threw Axel a sheepish grin and abruptly shifted his position, his back to Axel's chest. Then, in one fluid movement, the silver-haired teen lowered himself down onto his lover's beautiful, pulsing arousal, the tail tickling along both their bare skin. Riku whimpered softly at the slight discomfort, biting down on his lip as heat filled him and he adjusted to the coupling, one hand reaching behind him, blinding grasping for Axel's arm, silently willing the other to hold him from behind.

Riku's hot, panting, breath against his skin sent a shiver over Axel's body. Gladly he took the opportunity to regain control of himself, focusing on slowing his own breathing. When Riku finally moved again, Axel felt calm enough to continue without coming to soon. "Aahhnn," he moaned as his lover descended on him, enveloping his length in tight hotness, his head falling back against the bed. He felt the light tickle of fur against his abs, his
hands automatically raising to grip Riku's hips. "It tickles," he said with a breathy chuckle.

"Serves you right for indulging me," Riku chuckled also, bracing himself with a palms flattened against Axel's thigh. After a moment or two longer, using his grip on Axel's legs, Riku slowly rose up on his knees, until only the head of his lover's erection remained buried within him, then he pressed back, seeking deeper penetration. Riku reveled in the feel of silken, hard heat filling him fully before he began to ride the redhead in earnest, seeking that sense of true, yet fleeting, peace that only Axel could give him when the two were joined as one.

"I... like... indulging... you," he grunted, hands tightening on Riku's waist. Axel raised his hips to meet his lover's decent, forcing himself that much deeper. For a time Axel lay on his back watching, the play of muscles in Riku's back, his cock sliding in and out of his lover. Sitting up, both arms wrapped around Riku's waist careful not to fall out his lover, Axel brought his lips to the other's shoulder kissing and nipping the flesh. His right hand slipped from it's place at Riku's waist to encircle the silver-haired teen's erection.

"S'aaaall good... koishii~iii," Riku groaned, reaching behind him to tangle fingers into messy red hair as his world suddenly slanted into the realm of pure carnal instinct with one well aimed thrust. The teen lifted his hips and slammed back down meet his Axel's thrusts, Riku's head falling back against a shoulder as he shuddered, muscles clamping down around the cock impaling him, spilling his seed over his lover's hand, a ragged cry torn from kiss swollen lips.

Axel's voice mingled with his lover's as he came. His sweaty forehead fell against Riku's shoulder as he gasped for air, aftershocks of pleasure causing his body to tremble periodically. Once his breathing slowed to something close to normal, he placed several light kisses along Riku's neck and shoulder. "I love you."

Closing his eyes, Riku slumped back against Axel, turning his head to nuzzle his cheek against a shoulder like a thoroughly sated kitten. He was unwilling to move, wanting to enjoy the serene moment for as long as he could. He dreaded the moment they would part and, if he could, Riku would remain in his lover's arms forever. "Love you," he murmured, sleepy and content.