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Destiny Community High School: A Kingdom Hearts RP

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Axel/Riku rp log part 1 [Mar. 1st, 2007|08:26 pm]
Destiny Community High School: A Kingdom Hearts RP


Rating: R
Character's Involved: Riku and Axel
Warnings: Language and lot's of smut
Short Summary: Riku attempt to surprise Axel backfires leading to a major fight.
Note: Takes place after christmas.

Having parked down the street so Axel wouldn't see him yet, Riku walked down the block to his lover's house. On the porch he stopped and, instead of ringing the doorbell, he pulled out his phone and dialed the redhead's number from memory. So as Riku stood there waiting for the older teen to answer, he couldn't help but smirk as he glanced at the motorcycle parked out on the street. In the silver-haired boy's pocket rested a model of a motorcycle that looked exactly like Axel's. A present from Sora and Riku could not wait to tell his lover about the conversation that ensued after he'd opened the gift. He even had a picture on his cell phone of Sora's reaction he intended to post to his website later on in the evening. It had been priceless.

Shut up in his room, music blaring, Axel lay on his bed. He'd been thinking on what to give Riku for Christmas and still hadn't come up with the right gift. The last time he'd bought a gift for a boyfriend things hadn't gone well. Besides what do you get a Godling that had enough money to buy whatever he wants?

Axel was wrenched from his thought by the insistent vibrating of his cell phone. Grabbing the remote he muted the sound system and checked his caller ID. Speaking of Godlings, Axel smirked flipping the phone open. "Hello Sexy," he greeted warmly.

"Hey Lover," Riku responded just as warmly a hint of laughter in his voice. When he closed his eyes, he could picture Axel perfectly, a similar smirk making him look as fuckable as ever. "Whatcha up to? Got some time to spend with a lonely, sex-starved Godling or are you busy?"

Chuckling at the sex-starved Godling comment, Axel hummed as though considering the question. "Well, I was working on making myself deaf so I wouldn't have to listen to our teachers drone on about nothing important. But I suppose I can put that off for later. Should I come pick you up?"

"Deaf? That's really smart. If you were deaf then you wouldn't be able to hear my sexy voice," Riku pouted. Although there have been days when he wished some of his teachers were mute. Well, in way the wish had been granted since the sixteen year old often fell asleep in certain classes. "Sure, you could pick me up." Quite literally since Riku already stood at the front door and he wouldn't mind his lover picking him up, carrying him upstairs over his shoulder and tossing him onto his bed for some fun.

Rolling from his bed, Axel hit the off button on the remote as he stuffed his feet into his boots. "Hmm, good point. I'd definitely miss hearing you call my name as you cum," Axel agreed, smirking. Bracing the phone against his shoulder he began tying his boots. "I'll be over to pick you up in just a couple."

"I'll be waiting," Riku answered, trying really hard not to laugh. Leave it to Axel to say something as raunchy as he had. Sora hadn't been too far off when he'd said they would stop anywhere and have sex when the feeling arose. However, the time on Axel's motorcycle had been the only time they'd done it in a public area. Well, maybe the roadside surrounded by a small grove of trees didn't quiet count, but it came damn close. "See you soon hot stuff." With a chuckle, Riku flipped his phone closed, shoved it into his pocket then leaned back against the railing to wait for Axel. On second thought, he pulled his phone back out, ready to snap a picture of the look on the redhead's face when he opened the door to find Riku standing there.

Closing the faceplate on his phone Axel shoved it in his back pocket. Standing, he grabbed his smokes and keys from his dresser and headed out. Walking past the living room and beginning to open the front door, Axel began his normal ritual of yelling his goodbye to his dad. "I'm outa here, pops!" As he turned to walk out the door he stopped dead in his tracks. There leaning on his porch railing was none other then Riku. Eyes wide, eyebrows raised and mouth fallen ever so slightly open in shock, Axel stood for a long moment before exiting the house and shutting the door firmly behind him. "Ri-kun! What are doing here? I thought I was picking you up at your place."

"Surprise?" Riku chuckled, once more snapping his phone shut. It was fun catching his lover off guard like that. The pic he'd gotten had been perfect. His phone got tucked away securely into a jacket pocket as he stepped closer to Axel, looking up into intense green eyes. "You could still pick me up. Just not in a girly way. Because then I'll be forced to smack your ass and it won't be the pleasurable kind."

Making a face as he realized Riku had snapped a picture of him, Axel was about to demand the picture be deleted, now, but was soon distracted by Riku's closeness. Leaning back into the door, he used both arms to pull Riku tight to his body and lowered his head until there lips were separated by a mere breath. "And how exactly do I pick you up in a non-girly way?" he teased, not the least bit afraid of being interrupted by his dad. After all, the old man hadn't budged as Axel called his goodbye.

"That's for you to figure out, not me," Riku told Axel. He only had to tell Axel if he liked whatever way he chose or not. Simple as that. It could wait a couple of minutes. Riku had no intention of letting Axel spoil the moment when they were so close, Axel's enticing scent enough to make him hard. Pale hands grasped the redhead's shirt as Riku closed the gap between them and kissed his lover in a proper greeting.

Smirking against the kiss, Axel let his hands wander from Riku's waist to his firm ass, cupping the cheeks and using the grip to pull the smaller teen hard against Axel's body. With Riku's hands gripping his shirt and the rest of him molded to Axel the redhead moved to deepen the kiss. His tongue gently seeking the inner heat of Riku's mouth.

Not caring that they were starting to attract an audience, Riku melted against his lover and moaned deeply in the back of his throat. It had only been mere hours since he'd last seen Axel at school, but it sure had felt like a lifetime. To go without his kisses and his touch. It was almost like being addicted to cigarettes or alcohol or drugs. He couldn't seem to make it throughout the day anymore without some sort of contact with Axel, some sort of 'fix' that only the redhead could supply.

God it felt good to kiss Riku, to hear that hungry little moan. Axel loved that he could affect his lover this way, that when they were together nothing else mattered. The rest of the world melted away in their passion. Society, rules, people be damned, there was only them and the heat generated by their touching. Using his grip on Riku's ass, Axel lifted the teen and then braced his arms to hold the others weight. Hey, Riku had said he wanted to be picked up and this was as non-girly a method as Axel could think of.

"Are you going to fuck me right here?" Riku teased, licking a warm trail along Axel's cheek to his ear. They would probably be arrested for public indecency if they did, and that wouldn't fly well with his parents, but Riku really didn't care. "Or maybe your dad would like to watch as we break in your couch?" Evil grin. "Or... I could finally see this room of yours that you seem so determined to keep me out of. Of course, if we went to my house we could always give Sora and Roxas a show they would be sure to forget from my bedroom.... All those ideas are far more interesting than the kitchen table. Wouldn't you agree?"

Axel's grip slipped a little as Riku mentioned his father, and the redhead carefully set his lover down before he dropped him. In truth Axel had been trying to keep Riku away from his place. At least as long as his dad was home. He didn't want Riku meeting his father; it was too shameful for the refined teen to see his drunken dad lazing in the living room. "Well, I doubt my dad would notice or care if we fucked in front of him. My room is really quite boring. But any opportunity to shock and or disgust Sora is well worth pursuing. And what the hell does any of this have to do with the kitchen table?"

Not one to be put off so easily, Riku ignored the question about kitchen tables for now. Instead, he placed his hands on his hips and gave his lover a stern look. One that clearly stated that he would not be turned away from seeing Axel's room. Again. If Riku didn't know any better, he would think that Axel was ashamed of him. But he knew that not to be the case since the older boy took every opportunity he could to let their classmates know that Riku belonged to him. "I was only kidding about your dad, but I will get to see your room. Now."

Dropping his gaze, Axel kicked at the ground a little. "It's really not worth it. Little more then a hole in the wall. Nowhere near as ritzy as your place," Axel said reluctantly. Not to mention that between his father and himself the place probably only got cleaned once a year. That and they'd have to walk past the living room where his father slowly rotted to reach the bedroom.

Time to pull out his trump card. Sidling up close to Axel, Riku put forth his best pout and looked at his lover through silver bangs with wide, pleading eyes. "But you promised me that I would get to see your room. I don't care what it looks like. I'm here for you, not to criticize your room. And..." This time the pout was for real. "... do you feel that I think I'm better than you or something? This isn't the first time you've mentioned about how much more 'ritzy' my place is. Because I don't. I love you, Axel, and that's all that matters to me. You. Got it?"

Damn that pout, Axel sighed and then smiled. He just couldn't resist when Riku pouted. "Got it," he answered. At least it was just his room. Riku could be demanding to meet his father. That would be bad. "Come on then." Turning, he opened the door and, making sure to keep himself between Riku and where his father sat drinking, showed Riku into the house and back toward his bedroom.

Whispering, and not really knowing why other than Axel seemed very tense at the moment, Riku followed his lover closely. "Does your dad not approve of you being gay? Or is it me? Does he not like me? Which is stupid because he's never met me..." Riku frowned, trying to see around the redhead, but he had been rushed through the house so fast that he hadn't gotten to see anything. "Don't I at least get to see the kitchen table?"

Laughing, Axel pulled Riku into his room, shutting the door behind them. "In the order asked no, no, no, and yes but not right now. You don't have to whisper," Axel answered making a grand gesture to take in his small, somewhat messy room. The bed was rumpled since he hadn't bothered to make it once this month, clothes littered the floor and the remote to his stereo sat forlornly amongst the messed up blankets. An old wooden dresser stood against one wall with a mirror sitting atop it. Hanging from the mirror were a couple necklaces and a variety of other jewelry lay scattered across the top of the dresser. "Welcome to my room."

"It's exactly how I imagined it to be," Riku chuckled, flopping down onto the bed and making himself right at home. Frankly, he couldn't care less that his lover didn't exactly pick up after himself, but that's not what had drawn Riku to him in the first place. It had been his charming personality and that rough around the edges bad boy vibe. With a contented sigh, Riku stretched out, holding out a hand in offering for Axel to join him. "You wanna see what Sora gave me as a Christmas present?"

Raising a curious eyebrow, Axel sat on the bed beside Riku. The bed was only a full and so there was only just enough space for two if those two were pretty close. "What did our not so innocent Sora get you for Christmas?" he asked remembering the gift card that currently resided in his wallet. There was no telling what the little imp got Riku.

Chuckling, Riku shifted slightly so he could reach into his jacket pocket and pull out the model of a motorcycle his best friend had given him. It really did look like it could be a replica of Axel's very own cycle. Offering it up for Axel to look at, Riku couldn't help but chuckle again. "He had no clue how... hmmm, how to put this... ? How fond I've become of your motorcycle. Of course I immediately thought I might have mentioned something about it while drunk, but I hadn't, then I accidentally did and of course he had to know what I was talking about... I warned Sora that he really didn't want to know, but he's too curious for his own good. You should have seen...oh, wait, I got a picture of it...." Digging his phone back out of his pocket, Riku looked through the pics he had stored on it, briefly chucking over the one he had just taken of Axel, then held up the phone for Axel to see Sora's reaction. "He damn near bled all over me with that infamous nosebleed of his."

Looking over the model Axel was truly impressed. Where had Sora found a model that so closely replicated his own motorcycle? As Riku explained about Sora's curiosity in regards to Riku's reaction to the model Axel couldn't help but laugh. The picture alone was enough to leave him doubled over with laughter. Shaking his head and trying to get his laughter under control Axel gasped for enough breath to speak. "He should've known better then to pry. Although I'm surprised Roxas hasn't corrupted him past the point of nosebleeds."

Riku shrugged, not really seeing Sora getting past his tendency to get embarrassed rather easily. He shoved his phone back into a pocket, removed the jacket entirely, then carefully placed it onto the floor beside the bed so he wouldn't damage the phone. The fundamental difference between his lover and his best friend was that Axel exuded a more dangerous aura whereas Sora would always have a more innocent air about him no matter what he did.

Arms now pillowing his head, Riku watched Axel with an amused expression. "Have you used your present from him yet?"

A pink tongue flicked across Axel's lips, Riku looked absolutely delicious laid out against the dark bed covers. Moving to straddle his lover's hips, Axel began pushing up Riku's shirt revealing his nicely defined abs. "Not yet. I thought it would be more fun to have you help me," he answered before lowering his mouth to the exposed skin. With great care Axel began exploring the gentle curves of Riku's stomach with his tongue, breathing in the heady aroma that was pure Riku. Swirling his tongue around the other's navel before dipping inside, he then moved on to other as yet untasted places working his way higher on Riku's body.

"It was for you," Riku protested, catching fistfuls of silken hair in his hands. He arched his back, breathe catching slightly as he watched Axel through silver hair, muscles twitching in response to the sudden onslaught of pleasant sensation. There had actually been a reason for his coming over to his lover's house, but the redhead had a penchant for making him forget things, even the simplest things such as breathing, and the younger teen could not recall what he had wanted to tell Axel. Or ask him. Or whatever. So Riku finally gave up trying to remember and closed his eyes, giving himself over completely to the older boy's attentions.

"Mmm, but whatever I end up getting will be as much for you as for me. I'm sure Sora knew that," Axel countered, having pushed the shirt up far enough to expose Riku's chest. He smirked against the pale skin as his lover squirmed a little beneath him. Sealing his mouth over the teen's right nipple, Axel flicked the hardened nub with his tongue repeatedly before slowly licking around it. With his left hand he ran a barely there touch across the neglected nipple. Feeling it harden under his gentle caress.

"Uh huh," Riku responded, only half aware of what his lover said. Using his grip on the redhead's hair, he gave a less than gentle yank, forcing Axel's head up so he could look at him, aquamarine eyes darkened with lust. "You're wearing too much," he complained, releasing Axel's hair so he could he trail his fingers along the open collar of the older boy's shirt, toying with the first fastened button.

"I was just thinking the same thing," Axel agreed before tugging at the shirt that was now bunched up under Riku's arms. "Off." He waited for his lover to raise up off the bed just enough to slip the shirt off over his head and tossed it to the floor. He then smoothed his hands down Riku's chest, hands splayed to touch as much skin as possible. Head tilted, he smirked at his lover waiting for Riku to reciprocate.

"Oh really?" he asked, his answering smirk downright mischievous. The need to hurry it along went ignored for a moment as he first pinched one nipple through soft, silk material, then the other, watching then harden under his fingertips. "Sensitive much?" he teased, finally shifting his attention to the removal of Axel's shirt. When all the buttons were undone, Riku raked his nails up and over pale skin to push it off his shoulders. "Fuck..." he whispered, drinking in the sight of his lover's bare chest, the shirt falling, forgotten, to the bed. "You are so fucking gorgeous."

Axel drew a hissing breath as Riku touched him through his shirt, the sensation teasingly sweet. Eyed closed as nails scraped his skin, but flew open at Riku's whisper. Axel shuddered under his lover's gaze as Riku's eyes devoured him. Having no words to answer the compliment, the redhead leaned down and took his lover's lips in a passionate kiss. Using lips and tongue to convey the depth of his love for Riku.

The warm, yet fierce, press of lips and tongue felt so wonderful, so right and it stole Riku's breath away. He never would have guessed that a kiss could be so expressive, so fiery, burning with desire, lust and love. All for him and him alone. He belonged to Axel, just as Axel belonged to him. Riku shivered and parted his lips further, wanting more, needing more. He felt almost desperate to feel bare skin against bare skin and his fingers trembled with nearly unbearable desire as he worked open the fastening on the pants that prevented just that.

Desire raged through Axel, his only thoughts centered on Riku and the feel of his body. Moaning loudly, Axel broke from the kiss to help remove the last barrier between them, but his hands were stilled by the sudden pounding on his door. "Axel? I thought you were leaving?" his father called from the other side of the door.

Half slumping against Riku with a groan, the redhead buried his face against the other's neck for a moment in utter frustration. Why now? Why did he have to take an interest now? "Go away old man. I'm busy!" Axel growled at the door.

This only caused the pounding to renew. "Axel! Open this door. Right now!" Came the warning response. Clearly his father was not about to let this go.

Looking from Axel to the door, then back to his lover, Riku gave the redhead a sheepish grin. "Was I too loud?" he whispered, grinning, not repentant at all. After all, Axel had been the one to tell him to stop whispering in the first place. But if his father really were against homosexual relationships... Riku didn't want to be the reason for him getting into trouble. "Should I quick jump out the window or something?"

"No, just stay here. I'll be right back to pick up where we left off," Axel said with a chuckle. Before pushing off of Riku he claimed one last kiss,"Sorry about this." Keeping his body between Riku and his father Axel opened the door a crack and glared up at the man, "What?"

"Why are you still here and who do you have in the room?" Axel's father asked, trying to peer around his son.

Not having told his parents about his own bi-sexual orientation, Riku wondered, as he tried to remain as silent as possible, how his own adoptive parents would feel about him having a male lover. They had never said anything to make him believe they were totally against it, but neither had they praised it. And judging by the sound of Axel's father's voice, Riku highly doubted the man would be accepting about it. So, grasping a pillow, Riku sat up and molded himself about the pillow in a manner that would make it difficult for him to distinguish whether Riku were male or female. Riku very nearly snarled to himself in irritation over the idea for being mistaken for a girl, but he seriously did not want Axel to get into trouble on account of him. Which then lead to him regretting that he insisted that his lover show his bedroom. Riku would definitely have to make it up to Axel later on, depending on how things went.

"My boyfriend decided to surprise me. You know Riku? I told you all about him. Not that you were listening," Axel accused, not easing his glare at all. If he was bitchy enough, maybe his dad would back off. Anything as long as he didn't have to introduce the two.

"O-oh! I um... I see," Axel's father stuttered, taking in his son's half dressed appearance with a blush. "Well then, I'd like to meet him. When you two are... ready. I'll order pizza and we can all eat together."

Sucking in his lower lip between his teeth, Riku seriously considered tossing the pillow at Axel's head for having worried him needlessly. Still it had been a wake-up call that maybe he should talk to his parents, but Axel had him thinking his father would be angry or upset about his presence. Without realizing he had done so, Riku sat there with a pout as he contemplated how he would have Axel make things up to him instead of the other way around.

Axel groaned, although inwardly he was happy his dad was interested in meeting his lover. "I'll ask Riku if wants to stay for dinner," he grumbled. Looking back over his shoulder to where Riku was sitting on his bed. He saw the pout and knew that something had upset his boyfriend. "Umm, Riku? Did you want to stay for dinner?" Axel asked, half hoping Riku would say no.

"Sure," Riku answered without hesitation, and then smiled somewhat smugly. He could tell, just by the look in his lover's eyes, that that had not been the answer he had expected, but Axel should have learned by now that Riku wasn't one to always follow the rule. Riku seemed almost delighted in making the redhead squirm. "I'd like sausage on my pizza if that's all right with you? If you don't like it, don't worry about it. I'm not particularly picky about toppings, or even the lack thereof."

Defeated, Axel turned back to his father. "Fine," he agreed before leaning into his father and whispering, "Just shower first, try to look presentable and no beer."

Axel's father was a bit angry at this order and was about to yell at his son, when he noticed the near pleading look in Axel's eyes. Softening, he gave a nod. "Don't worry. I won't embarrass you too much," he assured, ruffling his son's spiky hair.

"Da~ad!" Axel complained, batting his father's hand away. "Thanks," he said softly before closing the door. He couldn't help the light chuckle or grin as he leaned back against the door. It had felt, for a moment like they were a real family.

As soon as Axel closed the door, Riku tossed the pillow at this lover's head. "You're one to talk, you know. Presentable? Like you're going to be presentable... " In what way, Riku didn't say, but he had half a mind to leave him unsatisfied. To taunt his lover with his more exhibitionist nature by pleasuring himself in front of the redhead and not allowing the other to touch him. One very attractive, wicked idea that brought a devilish grin to Riku's face. So, certain that Axel's eyes were riveted upon him, Riku got to his knees on the bed and slowly undid the fastenings of his pants. Then, as his fingers gracefully wrapped themselves around his swollen cock, Riku's eyes glittered with an unmistakable challenge, waiting to see how long his lover could withstand the torment.

"You weren't supposed to hear...that," Axel said, catching the pillow, but trailing off as Riku began to fondle himself. Licking suddenly dry lips, Axel dropped the pillow and made his way to the bed. "Let me suck on you?" he all but begged, crawling onto the bed. Oh how he wanted Riku. Wanted to hear the boy moaning with pleasure.

"That wasn't exactly a quiet whisper," Riku said, holding out his arm to place his palm against Axel's chest, hand splayed as a warning that he better not move any closer. Riku didn't know the situation between Axel and his father since his lover never spoke of it, but he definitely had not exactly liked the way the redhead had treated his father. "I will consider allowing you to suck me off only if I'm satisfied with how you beg for my forgiveness aaaaand you have to promise me that you will explain to me why you had been so harsh with him. If you do not, you will not be allowed to touch me. There will be no deals. Either you do as I ask or I fuck myself in front of you." To drive his point home, Riku roughly stroked his aching cock and moaning softly as he looked straight into the hungry eyes of his lover.

"Anything, Ri-kun! Just let me touch you, taste you?" Axel whined, shuddering with the need to be intimate with his lover. It had crossed his mind for a millisecond to be angry with Riku for manipulating him, but the simple truth was Axel would do anything to keep Riku happy. If Riku was that determined to hear about Axel's dad then Axel would tell him. But not until after he got his hands and mouth on Riku.

Tsk'ing softly, Riku pushed against Axel, determined that he present a proper apology. On his hands and knees. "What was that?" he asked, cupping his hand to ear, hoping that Axel took the hint that he had not heard a satisfying apology or promise yet. It had become difficult to maintain a stern expression while playing with himself, but Riku managed it. Barely. "Time's running out. Tick... tock..."

Shifting so he could shimmy out of his pants, Riku then carelessly dropped them to the floor. Now less restricted in his movements, Riku leaned back onto an elbow and spread his legs wide, baring himself completely to his lover, taunting him further. He hadn't been kidding when he had said time was running out. With every stroke of his hand, Riku could feel himself drawing steadily closer to completion.

Axel groaned at the unrestricted view. "I'm sorry, Ri-kun," Axel said thinking 'even though I'm not sure what I'm saying sorry for'. "Please, forgive me." Axel moaned again having to adjust himself as watching Riku pump himself was making him harder and harder. When his words thus far didn't win him an invitation to help he tried to think past the lust to figure out what more Riku wanted. Finally he recalled the promise Riku had asked for. "I promise to explain everything, to answer all your questions."

"Go~ood," Riku moaned, aware enough to hear the sincerity, and confusion, in Axel's words. He would explain in due time about feeling mislead about his father's reaction, but for now Riku simply wanted his lover to touch him. Sitting up enough to grasp a handful of red hair, Riku murmured that it was all right for Axel to join in right before he crushed his lips to the older boy's with bruising force and need.

Now quite desperate for any contact from Riku, Axel gladly returned the kiss, not noticing the force of it. His hands quickly found Riku's body tracing the lines of his muscles down until his hand joined Riku's on his lover's erection. The other hand brushed lower to cup and massage the other's balls. After a long moment Axel broke from the kiss, dropping low as he gently guided Riku's hand away. Wasting no time on teasing, Axel took as much of Riku's cock into his mouth as he could, alternating between sucking and moaning his pleasure at the taste of his lover.

For his part, Riku could do little more than thrash about on the bed and moan in pleasure as his whole self dissolved in the warmth of Axel's caresses. He broke out into a light sweat as he struggled to make the moment last, but the tingling sensations coursing through his body proved to be too much. Back bowed as he reached his limit, Riku blindly grabbed at the bed coverings and let out sharp cry as he spilled his seed into his lover's mouth.

Eyes closed, Axel drank down his lover giving a little moan of his own. To him Riku tasted like the finest ambrosia. He could never get enough of his taste. Licking the last bit from his lips, Axel sat up and grinned. "I love the way you taste," he said as he began removing his pants. They had become so uncomfortable as to be painful. Once he was as nude as Riku, he looked to his lover again. "I need you Ri-kun."

"Then take me," Riku replied softly, breathily as he grasped a pillow from behind him to place under his hips. He smiled happily, dampened bangs clinging to his face, as he held out his arms in invitation to his lover.

Retrieving a tube of lube from his dresser, Axel eagerly went to his lover. "I love you, Ri-kun," he stated before leaning in for another kiss. Popping open the lube one handed, he carefully squeezed some onto his fingers before securing the lid again. As he deepened their kiss he slipped one finger inside the tight embrace of Riku's anus. Probing gently for a moment before inserting a second finger.

"Nnngh... love you..." Riku murmured against warm lips, the soft sigh transforming into a moan as Axel's finger invaded him. The almost dissipated pleasure from mere moments ago blossomed fully once again and Riku instinctively thrust down onto his lover's fingers, wanting more, oh so much more. He needed to feel his lover inside him, filling him, claiming him all over again. "Axel," he moaned, "pleee~ase.."

"So eager," Axel teased thrusting his fingers a few more times before removing them. He then coated his straining cock with the lube before positioning it at Riku's entrance. The pillow raised the silver haired teen's hips to a perfect height, allowing Axel to slip so very deep in one
easy motion.

"Nnn hnnn...." Riku groaned almost incoherently, his head swimming and vision blurring as his body tightened with pleasure around his lover. He gripped the redhead's hips firmly as they lay there motionless long enough for him to grow accustomed to being filled, joined together as one being, heartbeats loud and synched to the other. "All mine," he murmured, gazing lovingly into Axel's beautiful green eyes. "...love you..."

"Love you to," Axel said before kissing Riku. He would gladly stay like this forever, but knew that Riku's and his own impatience would soon take over. Deepening the kiss, he began to thrust into his lover in long deep strokes.

"Ax~el..." Riku whispered his beloved's name, licking along the redhead's lower lip as if he were tasting the most exquisite candy in the world. As Axel moved in and out of his body, the younger teen felt every brush of the redhead's stomach along his throbbing erection keenly, the tip already leaking pearly white drops onto his abdomen as he shuddered with foreshadowing tremors of a second orgasm. "Harder..."

"Nnn..." Axel grunted his assent, propping himself a little higher on his arms so he could thrust with more force. The sound of flesh hitting flesh filled the room as Axel drove himself into Riku over and over again. The entire time Axel watched the play of emotions on Riku's face. He loved the darkness in his lover's heavy lidded eyes and the way his tongue would flick across his lips. His sexy little God, his Ri-kun. With three particularly hard thrusts Axel came, crying his pleasure in a primal moan.

With every nerve screaming for release and tightening almost painfully, Riku dug his fingers into Axel's hips with bruising force as he surrendered himself over to the crashing wave of ecstasy. Then, after a small eternity, it was over and Riku barely had the strength to cling to Axel as the warmth, both inside and out, registered and he remembered to breathe again. Panting softly now, Riku tried to focus bleary eyes on his lover. "I wish... we could... stay here forever..."

Axel allowed his body to collapse half on top of Riku's smaller form. For a moment their panting merged and Axel felt their connection still strong. When he felt he could speak again, he responded to Riku. "Yes, I'd like to stay in this little slice of heaven." Although spent and feeling a bit tired, Axel shifted enough to kiss and lightly nip at Riku's neck. He was in no hurry to rejoin his father. The longer he could spend just being with Riku the better.

Chuckling tiredly, Riku allowed his lover to indulge himself as he closed his eyes and ran a hand through damp red hair. Eventually hunger would win out and they would have to get up, but until that time, Riku selfishly held onto Axel. "For your Christmas present, I didn't get you anything as tangible as the gift card Sora got you so I hope you won't be too upset with me. Instead I want to take you somewhere of your own choosing during school break. It could simply be to the other side of Destiny Islands or far far away. It doesn't really matter to me where we go as long as we get to spend some quality time together alone."

"Mmm," Axel hummed against Riku's skin. He certainly liked the idea of spending time completely alone with Riku. Now to think of the perfect place for them to go. Axel mused on this for a moment before he recalled Riku's obvious anger from earlier. "Ri-kun? Are you still mad about my dad interrupting us?" he asked, pushing himself up so he could look into his lover's eyes. This was the only reason he could think of for Riku being mad at him earlier. After all, he'd been a bit mad at his father for the interruption.

"I wasn't mad about that," Riku admitted, struggling not to shift his gaze away from Axel as some of the embarrassment from earlier on returned. "Actually I wasn't even really mad, I was upset with you. You had me worried that you would get in trouble for having me over because your dad wouldn't approve of our kind of relationship. He didn't even care that I was a guy. Why are you so ashamed of him? Why don't you want me meeting him?"

Flinching, Axel looked away. This was the discussion he'd been trying to avoid. Now he was stuck having it. "That man, my father, has been little more than a source of income for a very long time," Axel growled, shifting so he was lying beside Riku, one arm thrown over his eyes. "We don't usually talk and when we do it's either me talking and him not really listening, or him trying to lecture me or tell me how I should be living my life. He has no right!" Axel slammed his fist into the bed sitting up, back to Riku. "I've taken care of myself and him all this time. If I hadn't been there, he'd of drunk himself to death years ago." Axel seethed both angry and ashamed at having to admit all this to Riku.

Sitting up to wrap his arms about his lover from behind, Riku kept quiet about the fact that, if it hadn't been for the man's existence, Riku never would have met Axel. So in a way, he felt the older was being just a little unfair, yet he couldn't entirely fault his logic. The more Riku learned about Axel, the more he realized how similar they were in so many ways... Riku's psychotic brothers aside that is. That knowledge alone made it that much easier for him to understand the redhead.

Riku wanted to ask about why his mother had left, but that could wait for another day. Right now all he wanted to do was soothe the feathers he had ruffled by asking such tough questions and not have his lover upset with him anymore. "I'm sorry," he whispered, pressing his cheek against the warmth of Axel's bare back. "I love you."

"You're lucky, you know?" Axel said, a little bitter. "You've had friends and people who care." He shook his head trying to dislodge the 'poor me' feelings, the memories. He'd learned long ago that feeling sorry for himself only got him more hurt. Besides he didn't want Riku to pity him. "Tch, forget it. I'm just frustrated that the old man's timing sucks. He always picks the worse time to decide to act like a father." Axel chuckled, remembering the look on his dad's face when he realized what he'd interrupted. "Hey, sorry I worried you. If you want you can come over any time. I'll always be happy to see you."

"Lucky?" Riku echoed, not feeling particularly lucky at all as he pulled away from Axel to gather up his clothes so he could dress. His birth parents hadn't wanted him and he saw his adoptive parents less and less as days passed into weeks, months, years... "Don't worry about it. I'll just introduce myself and leave so things won't have too be stressful for you. Just think of somewhere you'd like to go, then let me know so I can make the arrangements." As he pulled his shirt over his head, Riku's words were briefly muffled by the soft material, also conveniently hiding the melancholy tone that had crept into his voice.

As Riku's warmth left his back, Axel shivered. His heart squeezed painfully as Riku spoke of leaving and, turning, Axel waited only just long enough for Riku to emerge from the shirt before pressing his lips to Riku's. "I don't want you to leave," he said, looking into Riku's aqua eyes. He wasn't sure how Riku had figured that would make things easier for Axel, but nothing could have been less true. He'd never admit it to his dad, but he was looking forward to sitting around eating pizza and talking. It would be the closest thing to a family dinner they'd had since his mom left and it wouldn't happen if Riku left.

Returning Axel's gaze, Riku could see within those mesmerizing emerald depths that he truthfully did not want his lover to leave. Despite the fact that he had tried so hard to keep Riku from even entering the house earlier. "I'll stay," he nodded, leaning into Axel, slipping his arms about the redhead's waist.

"Good," Axel sighed, holding Riku close. "I'm sorry I tried to hide all this from you. It's just, I've been keeping it a secret for so long. I'm not proud of my home or family so I didn't want you to see it. I guess I was afraid you would either pity me or be disgusted by it all." That little confession took more courage then Axel thought he had. Still he felt Riku needed to know the reason for his actions.

"How could you think so little of me?" Riku asked softly, hurt that Axel would assume such things about him. "Even after I remained by your side after you told me about Kadaj?" Pushing Axel away, Riku cast his eyes downward and fidgeted with the hem of his shirt. "Do you really think I'm that shallow that I would judge you so harshly about your home and family?"

"I don't know," Axel mumbled, feeling pretty crappy. It wasn't really that he doubted Riku, but more that he doubted his own worth. He wanted to be good enough for Riku, but was constantly afraid he'd fall short of that goal. Head hanging eyes fixed on his motionless hands, Axel mentally berated himself for screwing up again. "Maybe Kadaj was right. I don't deserve you. I'm too damaged to be a good boyfriend."

"You... don't... know..." Riku repeated slowly, stunned beyond measure. His chest tightened painfully and he suddenly found it hard to breathe. He couldn't believe his ears. He thought Axel trusted him. "I'm sorry you think I'm nothing more than some spoiled rich kid out for kicks," the silver-haired teen spat out as he grabbed up his jacket and shoes from the floor. He threw the model of the motorcycle at Axel, then turned on his heel and fled the redhead's bedroom.

Forced to dodge the model and still completely naked, all Axel could do was shout after the retreating teen. "Riku! Riku wait! Please!" Frantically Axel grabbed his pants, falling against the doorframe hard as he shoved his legs into the pants. Yanking the pants the rest of the way on, he wasted no time for zipping or buttoning them. Sprinting down the hall, he called out once again. "Riku! I didn't mean it like that! Let me try to explain!" God let him stop, let him listen, don't let it end like this, Axel mentally pleaded.

Riku did not want to continue their conversation in front of Axel's dad ... actually Riku didn't want to continue it at all, but something in the older teen's voice stayed his hand on the door knob anyway. "Then how did you mean it?" he asked, dreading the answer, closing his eyes tightly as he thumped his forehead against the wood of the front door. Riku felt betrayed, yet oddly relieved to have found out Axel's true feelings now before he totally lost himself to the older boy.

Catching up, Axel stood a few feet from Riku breathing a little hard. "You have to stop running away every time I say something stupid. I say a lot of stupid things Riku. I'm sorry. Give me another chance? Forgive my stupidity one more time?" Axel half joked, half pleaded. He knew he'd screwed up, knew he should have been more open about his family, but the longer he kept his secret the harder it had become to tell Riku until now it was too late. He had hurt Riku without meaning to, he only hoped that he could make things right again.

Taking a deep breath, Riku slowly turned around to face Axel. With one carelessly uttered phrase, the redhead had broken his heart. "Run away?" he asked in amazement. "You think I'm shallow and spoiled and would judge you harshly because of your home... then you're surprised that I don't want to remain somewhere I'm not truly wanted? What in the hell kind of logic is that? I love you, Axel. How can you say something like that to me? I do have feelings and they can be hurt as you so cruelly proved when you trampled all over them."

One hand came up to scratch at the back of Axel's head as he looked at his enraged lover. "Umm, I really don't think you’re spoiled and I'm sorry I hurt your feelings. I'm really trying to open up and trust, but I'm only human and I make mistakes," Axel gave a crooked grin, "I make a lot of mistakes. But I swear this was the last of the things I was afraid to tell you. You know everything now. All my secrets."

"No, I don't," Riku said, shaking his head. "Look.. I'm truly sorry I look like my fucking psychotic brother who totally fucked you over... but you have no goddamn right to mistrust me because of it! If I hadn't used underhanded tactics and pouted my way in, would you ever have let me in here? No, I don't think so. You have no idea how much that hurts." Once he'd gotten all his anger out, Riku blinked violently as he realized he'd gone too far, said far too much, then stared at Axel with wide eyes before once more turning around to try and open the door.

Axel had cringed under the harsh words, knowing he deserved them. When Riku turned to leave again, Axel quickly stepped forward and slammed his hand onto the door, leaning his weight on it to hold the door shut. "Again I'm sorry. I don't know what else to say to make this up to you. Just tell me what to do, what to say, to make this better. I love you Riku, please don't leave me."

"No, you don't," Riku whispered brokenly, body shaking with the force of holding in his tears. "You should trust me... like I... trusted... you." Riku had hesitated over the word 'trust', uncertain over whether he could still trust Axel now. He didn't know. Riku only knew it hurt so badly that he wanted to curl up into a ball and die.

Axel's hand slipped from the door, falling limp to his side. "Stupid, I'm so stupid," he groaned. Now his fists clenched and then he slammed both palms against the door one to either side of Riku. "I won't let you go! I'll prove my love to you! Ri-kun! I don't know how, but I will even if I have to die to do it!"

Flinching as Axel effectively cut off his escape, Riku reflexively brought his hands up to cover his ears. "Shut up!" he yelled desperately, his head ringing with the redhead's declarations. "Don't say such stupid things so easily! I'd hate you if you died on me!"

"I will not! You already hate me, so what difference does it make?" Axel asked, not about to back down now. Somehow he had to make Riku see how serious he was.

"I don't..." Riku dropped his hands, and then turned slightly within the confines of Axel's arm. But he couldn't hold the redhead's gaze long without his chest constricting painfully again and hurriedly shifted his gaze to his trembling hands. "I don't hate you, but neither do I like you very much right now," he said, voice overflowing with pain and sadness. "Look, I know I can be difficult, but fuck Axel... this was totally uncalled for."

"The hell it wasn't!" Axel yelled, bending his elbows so he could press closer to Riku, "This is what I was afraid of! That when I told you of my last secret that you would leave me. This my terrible secret that I worked so hard to hide from everyone. Can you even begin to understand how hard it was for me? You think you're cute little pout was the only reason I let you in? Please, I'm not that easy to manipulate. I swallowed my fear and let you in this house knowing it would come to a confession."

Stiffening in renewed anger, Riku stood up straighter and glared at Axel. "You're 'last secret', which I'm sure it isn't, had nothing to do with my reaction. I could care less that you don't come from a neighborhood like mine. What pissed me off was that you assumed that I'd be repulsed and leave you. You never even gave me a chance. I came here for you," Riku said hotly, poking Axel hard in the chest to emphasize his point. "You, you asshole. And then you go and blame your own stupid insecurity on me. You conveniently pinned it on me because it was an easy way out and then you wouldn't have to risk having your heart being broken again. That is why I'm angry. That is why the sight of you right now makes me want to slug you."

Stunned, Axel didn't move for a long moment. Were those the true motivation behind his actions? Is that how Riku really saw him? Pulling away from Riku, he took two small steps back, shaking his head. "So, I'm a coward that places blame on others to save his own skin? I see. Maybe you're right. Doesn't really matter. If that's how you see me then there really is nothing I can do. I do love you Riku." Axel took another step back, eyes closing out the sight of Riku. He didn't know how to fix this and it seemed Riku wasn't going to be satisfied with any amount of I'm sorrys.

"So... you're giving up?" Riku asked quietly, his anger gone, leaving him feeling hollow inside. He sagged back against the door and hung his head. "It really sucks to know that in the end.... you don't think I'm worth it after all. So, I guess all that's left to say is .......good-bye." Drawing himself back up, Riku turned and put his hand on the door knob one last time. If Axel didn't stop him this time and let him go... then it really was over and he would have to learn to live with that.

"Damnit Riku! You're so fucking difficult! What else am I supposed to do? I've said I'm sorry. I've admitted to being an idiot. Everything I say seems to only make you madder. I've tried everything I can think of! I don't know what else to do! I know I screwed up, but you won't forgive me. I can't read minds Riku. If there's something you want from me, something that'll make this right then just tell me what it is!" Axel pleaded one last time tears finally breaking free and rolling down his face. He felt helpless, hopeless, and on the verge of heartbreak as he stood there and waited to watch his love walk away forever.

"All I ever wanted was your love," Riku replied, barely able to get the words out through his suddenly constricted throat. He didn't know what to do either as he tried to reign in the feelings that had spiraled out of control so violently. "I don't know what to do...."

"Fuck this!" Axel growled in frustration. He took back the space he'd given Riku once again, forcing the other to face him. Not giving Riku a chance to protest or push away, Axel lowered his lips to Riku's. The kiss wasn't hard or angry. It was gentle and loving, but insistent. This was the only other way he could think of to show Riku how much he loved the teen. Axel was expecting that, at any moment, Riku would deck him, but then he deserved it so Axel made no attempt to prevent that reaction.

Riku knew that something as simple as a kiss would not be enough to mend the heartache tightening his chest, but, at the very least, it told him that Axel hadn't completely given up on them. With a soft sound suspiciously close to a sob, Riku put his arms around Axel's neck and buried his face in the crook of the redhead's neck as he held onto the older teen tightly. He was still tense, his shoulders, neck and the back of his head aching from the stress, but he would not have to move forward on his own. Axel would be by his side and they would see this through together.

Relaxing just a hair when Riku hugged him, Axel knew that it meant the teen wasn't going to walk. At least not right now. Holding Riku, Axel tried to think over everything that had been said. He wanted to be sure that he didn't repeat his mistakes from today. He would have to be careful of his words in the future. Regardless, Riku was back in his arms where he belonged. Axel threaded fingers into his lover's silver hair, his other hand at the small of Riku's back. He would gladly hold Riku as long as the other would let him.

"Uhm... Axel..." Riku said softly, shifting his position in his lover's arms in order to block Axel's father's shocked face from his line of vision. He was embarrassed enough as it was and to have had someone he didn't know witness their drama only made him that much more uncomfortable. "You're pants are falling down."

Chuckling, Axel reluctantly released his hold on Riku to straighten and secure his pants. That's when he heard his father turn and walk into the living room. "Shit," he muttered before turning around just in time to watch his father sit in his old recliner and flick on the TV. Raking a hand through his red hair, he turned back to Riku. "I have to take care of dad. Our fight was probably hard on him. You can come with. In fact maybe you should," Axel explained, knowing exactly what they'd see when they went into the living room.

"Why...?" Riku asked, bewildered as to why their fighting would hurt Axel's dad. Then he remembered Axel saying over and over that he'd brought all his secrets out into the light, but Riku knew that to not be the case. Axel had never once mentioned the reason for his mother not being present. And ... he had almost just walked out on the one person in the world who meant everything to him... "Are you really sure that's a good idea?" Riku asked. "He might ... not ... like me now..."

"Can I explain it all after we check on dad? It'll be easier for you to understand then. I'm pretty sure I know what we'll find and if I'm right, then whether you're there or not won't make any difference," Axel asked and partially explained. How do you tell your lover that your father goes practically catatonic on a regular basis? Axel was sure the explanations would be easier after Riku saw the proof.

"All... right..." Riku reluctantly agreed, slipping his hand into Axel's. He didn't really see how he could be of help, he felt he would probably be more of a hindrance, but if Axel wanted him there, then Riku would be there. He hoped that his lover knew what he was doing and that it would be all right.

With a reassuring smile, Axel led Riku into the living room and around the chair, till they stood facing his father. He sat in the recliner eyes locked on the TV, but kinda glazed over like he wasn't really seeing it. "You still alive, old man?" Axel asked out of habit, "Are we still having pizza for dinner? Have you ordered yet?" As expected he got no response, not even a blink of his father's eyes. Axel's hand tightened for a moment on Riku's before he let go. "Looks like we're not having dinner after all." Retrieving a blanket from the floor he covered his father with it. Straitening he turned back to Riku a sad, apologetic smile in place.

"I'm sorry," Riku said, eyes downcast as he stared at his bare feet, dejected and not entirely sure what he was apologizing for. But something they had done or said, rather what Riku had said, had triggered this reaction in Axel's father. "I didn't... " He wanted to say he hadn't meant to ruin dinner by bringing up painful memories, if that were the case, but he didn't know that to be the truth as of right then, so he just finished with another lame, "I'm sorry."

With a shake of his head Axel took Riku's hand and led from the living room back to his bedroom. He didn't like staying near his father when he was like that. It was too lonely, painful. Once they were safely in his bedroom again, Axel gestured for Riku to sit on the bed. "I know I've told you that my mom left us. I still don't know why she left. I was at school and came home to find my dad... like that. It was a week before I admitted to myself that she had left, a month before I could even think that she wasn't coming back, and over a year before I realized that dad would never be the same again," Axel explained, pacing his too small room, occasionally kicking clothes out of his way. "Since then I've taken care of us both. He goes to work and earns us money, but I pay the bills. When he's not at work he's in that chair. Sometimes drinking, sometimes not."

Rooted to his spot by the door, Riku once more took a look around Axel's room. He knew that his situation was completely different, that he had been luckier than the redhead to have the family he did, who gave him everything, but... It still ached from time to time that Riku had not been wanted by the people who had given him life. "At least...." he said, as if from far away "... you have your real father around."

Axel nodded his agreement. "I know I've been lucky in a lot of ways. Dad could be beating me, or I could have ended up on the streets. But sometimes I wonder if it would hurt less if he wasn't here. I hate that he doesn't care. That he can ignore me so completely." Stopping his pacing, Axel stood in front of Riku tentatively he reached out, needing comfort, but not sure Riku would be willing to give it.

"I'm sorry," Riku said, reaching out to Axel with the comfort he silently asked for as he fully understood for the first time why his lover hated being ignored by him. He never meant to do it on purpose, but from then on he would try to be far more aware of actions and their consequences. "I really am selfish, aren't I?"

Wrapping arms around Riku tightly, Axel let his lover's warmth anchor him. As long as someone cared, someone paid attention, then he could keep going. "If I said yes, would you get mad at me?" he couldn't help but ask with a laugh.

"I'd rather be selfish than untrustworthy," Riku admitted quietly, stating a simple fact. He could deal with that. Being thought untrustworthy had hurt him to the core and frankly, it had been uncalled for. Riku honestly did not care that Axel did not come from a neighborhood like he or Sora or Roxas did. "And... I'm sorry about your mom." Even though she was no longer around, at least Axel had known her, that's more than he could say about his own.

"Sorry," Axel said, dropping his head to Riku's shoulder, his arms loosening. He really did feel awful for it all. He hadn't meant to distrust Riku. It had just become habit to keep his home life a secret from everyone. So he'd kept it up even with Riku. Axel didn't try to explain this to his lover. He wasn't sure it would make sense and he didn't want to hurt Riku anymore.

"It's all right," Riku said, lifting a hand to run fingers through soft red hair. "I think maybe ... you've learned your lesson, so from now on I know you'll do your best to not keep things from me. Right?"

"Yeah, yeah I will," Axel was quick to assure Riku. Boy had he ever learned his lesson, he would do just about anything to avoid another scene like that one. "So, you forgive me? I'm still yours?" Axel asked hopefully. He wanted things to fixed between them. Hated this tension and uncertainty.

"Yes, I forgive you," Riku nodded, though it would take some time for the wound to completely heal. "You're mine. I just wish I knew what I could do to make it up to your dad. I was looking forward to dinner with him, the three of us. Do you think that... if I made dinner, he'd come around?"

"I doubt he'll come back anytime soon. He's gotten better recently, but there's usually a few days at least between him being... aware," Axel answered, slipping from Riku's arms. "If you want to try we can, but we should give him a few hours at least. Let's get out of here for a few. Getsome fresh air, maybe go shopping?" He suggested beginning to pick through the clothes on the floor, looking for a clean shirt to put on. In the process he managed to stub his toe on the model. Picking it up he ran fingers over it, it appeared to be unharmed after it's unplanned flight. Turning he held it out to Riku.

Having forgotten about the model, Riku took it carefully from Axel. He'd been so angry when he threw it, Riku hadn't even realized what it was he had tossed at his lover's head. "Thanks," he whispered, tucking it safely back into his jacket pocket. Then he turned aqua eyes back on his lover. "I think getting some fresh air sounds like a good idea."

"Mmm," Axel answered with smile before returning to the search for clean clothing. Finally finding what he wanted, Axel slipped the black t-shirt on before sitting on his bed to quickly put on socks and his boots. Rising once more, he retrieved his wallet and keys from the dresser. "Ready," he said holding his hand out for Riku to take. He was still feeling the need to affirm their relationship and was feeling clingier then usual.

"Yeah," Riku nodded, placing his hand into Axel's without any hesitation. The redhead wasn't the only one feeling the need to reaffirm things. One quick glance had Riku's mind spinning at how fast things had gone from blissful to rock bottom with a simple phrase. The Quill was Mightier than the Sword indeed. Words could be so intensely harsh and cruel and, with a heartfelt sigh, Riku once more hugged the older boy to make sure he was really there. "I don't care where but... I need you to stay with me tonight. Okay?"

"You read my mind, Ri-kun," Axel answered, placing gentle fingers under Riku's chin to coax his love to look up at him. Having succeeded in that, he sealed his lips to Riku's, his hand slipping to the back of the other's head to thread into silver strands. Axel would be spending a lot of time trying to make up for the stupidity and hurt he forced on Riku today. His carelessness had almost cost them their relationship and he wasn't fool enough to think that he could win back Riku's trust so easily.

Not wanting to break their connection, yet not wanting to remain in Axel's bedroom, Riku reluctantly drew back and looked up into Axel's eyes. "Please don't take this the wrong way, but... I can't be here right now. However, I do promise that after we're done shopping or whatever, that I will come back here and try to make things right with your dad the best I can. That is... if that's all right with you?"

"I understand," Axel took Riku's hand again and led the boy from the apartment, only pausing long enough to tell his dad they were leaving and would be back. Of course his father made no response. "Ri-kun, you don't have to try to make things right with my dad. None of this was your fault. It was mine. I just don't want you to get your hopes up. We can try, but it's just not likely he'll even notice," Axel said once they were outside and he was leading the way to his bike.

"It wasn't all your fault," Riku protested, remembering the look in Axel's father's eyes. "I don't know the situation, but I almost walked out that door and..." Riku couldn't even finish his sentence as a fresh wave of guilt nearly overwhelmed him. "I guess only time will tell." Riku could only hope that Axel's dad would forgive him and understand that he had not meant to hurt Axel. It had been a knee jerk reaction and it would haunt him for a long time.

Axel's hand automatically tightened on Riku's when his lover mentioned walking out the door. "Riku, I know I don't really have the right to ask this right now but... Could you promise to not threaten to leave like that again? I mean if you decide you hate me and want to leave me that's your choice, but don't walk if there's any hope of working it out," Axel asked, leaning against his bike holding Riku's hand and looking into aquamarine eyes.

Riku really wanted to turn his head away, to not look at the pain in those green eyes, but he could not. He had been very angry with Axel, and for as long as he could remember, he had always walked away from similar incidents so he could go somewhere to cool off. The main difference between those times and this had been that it hadn't just been some childish argument that could be put on hold, this time his relationship with his lover had almost been damaged beyond repair because he, more often than not, chose flight instead of fight. Axel hadn't been the only one today to learn a valuable lesson.

"I promise," Riku nodded, meaning it.

"Thank you," Axel smiled, he guessed that this would be a hard promise for Riku to keep and it meant a lot that his lover was willing to make the effort. Swinging his leg over the bike so he was straddling it properly, Axel gave a tiny tug on Riku's hand, "Come on."