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LeonCloud-Christmas-R [Feb. 6th, 2007|09:34 pm]
Destiny Community High School: A Kingdom Hearts RP


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Rating: R
Character's Involved: Leon and Cloud
Warnings: Almost sex and Leon walking around in a naughty outfit
Short Summary: Jiggle Bells, Jiggle Bells... Hark is that Namine and Yuffie, I hear? They strike again and make sure Cloud has a very Merry Christmas!
Note: Christmas...enough said and all~

Cloud yawned as he sat on his couch; his parents had gone to some Christmas party that he declined to go to. He wasn’t much for the holidays. To him, Christmas was just another day. Luckily, his boyfriend agreed on that too, or else, the blond would have to buy his brunet lover a gift.

Leon came to what he knew to be Cloud's door, thanks to Namine's 'expert help'. He knocked on the door, rather gingerly for him, knowing Cloud's parents were probably off somewhere so it was safe to come.

Cloud blinked, frowning at the door. He wasn’t expecting anyone. But, knowing the countless fan girls that had surfaced, it was probably one of them, sneaking around trying to see him and Leon together. Boy, did he have a surprise for the. Cloud Strife would be spending the holidays alone.

Leon knocked again, calling out: "It's me, Cloud." In a not so loud voice. It was loud enough to be heard through the door, but it was also the closest he'd probably ever come to a yell. "Open up."

Cloud got up, shocked, he didn’t think Leon would come over. He opened the door, “What are you doing here?” He asked, titling his head.

"I wanted to see you." Leon answered casually with an added shrug. "I have nothing at home to distract me and you're more amusing then any TV show anyway."

Cloud blushed lightly, “Okay…” He said, stepping back to let Leon into his home.

Leon walked inside slowly, taking in the interior of Cloud's house with a look of disinterest--hiding his curiousity. "So... this is what you live in? Very nice. I almost feel like I shouldn't be here. Everything makes me look...dustier." He blinked, turning to Cloud. "You know, before I met you... I never spoke that much. Or admitted so much."

Cloud sighed softly, “I kind of figured that out on our first date, remember?” He said with a bit of a grin.

Leon barely chuckled, turning back to his 'exploration' of the house. He walked along the carpet carefully, hoping his boots didn't try and pull tricks on him by leaving marks on the rug.

“So Namine didn’t try to drag you out to go caroling?” Cloud asked, walking back to his couch.

"Yes, she did. I said I'd rather tie my deli meats together and hang myself." Leon said it simply, stopping about in the middle of the room--taking Cloud's wrist and pulling him toward the brunet as he passed.

Cloud allowed the male to pull him against him, he looked up at him, “She called me too…so did Yuffie. They hinted that they’d stop by.”

Leon rolled his eyes some. "Any chance we can lock the door, turn off the lights, and pretend that we died in some freak accident?" His voice was still toneless... and he had no idea why he was making jokes, as lame as they were. He figured Cloud just affected him like that, made him want to be a little sillier. He hugged the blond in close, running a gloved hand through the blond locks.

Cloud sighed contently, laying his head against the brunet’s chest, “They’d bring us back from the dead.” He pointed out.

"Hmm. Zombie love...sick." Leon kissed Cloud's cheek, still holding him in close. He slid both his arms from Cloud's waist, down to his legs where he gripped him by the thighs--lifting him up into a carry.

Cloud laughed, wrapping his arms around the boy’s neck, “No, I think that we’d be there zombie slaves. They’d make us have sex, tape it, then sell it on ebay.”

"Who'd want to see zombies have sex?" Leon asked, actually confused on that. "I think even they have their limits..." He sat down on the couch, Cloud in his lap--kissing the male slightly above him on the lips gently.

“I wouldn’t put it past Namine and Yuffie to try.” Cloud pointed out, inches from his lover’s lips.

Leon kissed him again. "Forget them for now..." He whispered, looking into Cloud's sky-blue eyes with his own steel, grey-blue ones.

Cloud smiled softly, “Sure.” He said before pressing his lips against his lover’s.

Leon slid one hand along Cloud's hip, slowly moving it up and into his lover's shirt. The other hand held Cloud's neck as they kissed, his tongue attempting to probe inside.

Cloud’s lips parted, allowing Leon’s tongue entry. He pulled his lover closer while deepening the kiss.

Leon tilted his head in, slipping his tongue into Cloud's mouth easily and roaming about. He closed his eyes as he proceeded slowly.

Cloud shivered slightly as his own hands began to wonder from the brunet’s neck.

Leon continued to ravage the blond's mouth for another minute or two, only breaking off so he could lift Cloud's shirt up and off of him. He took his gloves off and threw them to the floor, now exploring the blond's bare back with his bare hands.

Cloud tugged at his lover’s shirt, wanting it off and soon.

Leon let go of Cloud and leaned forward to help the blond take his shirt off, giving Cloud a few quick kisses as his shirt was pulled up.

Cloud moaned softly, arching his back only slightly into his brown haired lover, “Bedroom…” He said, panting lightly, “Now.”

Leon nodded, lifting Cloud back up into his arms. "Where's your bedroom?" He heaved out through his fast breathing, giving Cloud's neck a good bite.

“Down the hall.” The blond haired boy answered, nodding his head towards said hall.

Leon went where Cloud indicated, kicking open the door he hoped was the right one. He moved a hand under Cloud's ass--for better carrying, honest!

Cloud glanced behind him…well, Leon was one door off, but that was okay. They were in Cloud’s parents’ room…psh…like he cared.

Leon moved over to the bed, gently laying the blond down--his lips returning to the other teen's in a passionate sliding of their lips.

Cloud wrapped his arms around the other’s neck, wrapping his legs around his waist before arching into him repeatedly.

Leon began to process of undoing the blond's pants, slipping his tongue into Cloud's warm mouth and bucking into his open legs.

Leon was driving him mad with want and need, nothing could stop Cloud from getting what he wanted.

Back outside, Yuffie was dragging Namine towards the front door with a huge grin on her face, “Cloud needs some Christmas cheer, the party pooper didn’t want to come caroling with us…so, we should shove the cheer down his throat!”

Namine chuckled at her friend, nodding her head vigorously as she dragged Zexion by his sleeve. Said male was still rather confused at the whole situation... Why did Namine want him to tag along? Most people avoided him or threw things at him.. But this girl, ever since he met her, was always dragging him about--showing him off like a friendship trophy. Not that Zexion honestly minded, as he knew far too well as Namine gave him a quick hug. "You cold, Sexy Zexy?" He blushed at that. "Guess not!" Namine concluded, moving to the door. "You know, he may be with Leon right now... Leon wasn't home, after all."

Leon practically ripped Cloud's bottoms off, along with his underwear--then moving off the blond to start undoing his jeans and belt.

Yuffie shrugged, “Eh, kill two birds with one stone!” She said, grinning madly as she turned back to her blond headed friend, “So, who should we hook Sexy Zexy up with?” She asked, tilting her head, a look of thought on her face, “Are you even gay, dude?”

Cloud watched his lover undress, his eyes racking over Leon’s body hungrily.

"Ye-Yes... I'm gay." Zexion admitted, now waiting for the rejection. Most didn't like that fact about him...

Namine just giggled, nearly tackling him with another hug. "I knew it! That's so cute! We should find you a blond!"

"Why are you trying to set me up?" Zexion asked with a wide-eye, blinking some--trying not to fall under Namine's weight. "Do I need to be?"

Leon tossed the last of his clothes aside, moving back in between Cloud's--slipping his tongue back in.

Yuffie squealed, clapping her hands, “But who? All the guys I know are taken!” She said, a pout on her face before she grinned toothily, “Maybe we can talk Leon and Cloud into a threesome!”

Cloud was panting heavily, his mind hazy with need, if he had not been within minutes of being fucked, he would have heard the squealing and fangirling outside.

Zexion blushed at that. "Wh-What?"

Namine whapped Yuffie playfully. "Bad Yuffie! Bad! Down girl, down!"

Leon was already slipping a finger into Cloud's entrance, his other hand gripping around his lover's waist rather tight.

Yuffie pouted, “What? Don’t you like Cloud and Leon? Don’t you think they’re hot?” She asked the blue haired boy, “They’re like the only ones who haven’t had sex with more than one person…at once anyway…”

Cloud bit his lip, arching into the finger, his panting had gotten heavier in the process.

"I don't even know them. This would be our first meeting." Zexion pointed out, notably not rejecting the idea itself.

Namine moved to knock at door, rolling her eyes at them. "A nice blond... maybe with blue eyes and a nice smile... or maybe a smirk! Smirks are hot."

Leon inserted the second finger in now, scissoring them almost immediately--thrusting his fingers in and out gently.

“And Leon is this quiet guy…totally hot, brown hair, gray eyes! Delicious!” Yuffie said with a wide grin, “But together…they should be illegal! They give Axel and Riku a run for their money!”

Cloud’s mouth fell open at each thrust, “Hurry!” He begged his lover.

"I see." Zexion said with a small smirk, earning a nudge from Namine. She chuckled as he pouted at her.

Leon nodded, moving his other arm into place with it's mate--positioning himself before thrusting in hard.

“Yes!” Cloud yelled loudly, arching to meet his lover.

Yuffie froze upon hearing the loud scream of yes, she looked over at Namine, “Well, either he’s watching Hockey or…Leon really is over.” She said with a grin before she walked up the stairs, “Only one way to find out~!” She said in a sing song voice before banging on Cloud’s door, “Cloudy-poo! Come listen to the pretty carols you Scrooge!”

"I already knocked, Yuffie." Namine said, looking a bit down-trodden. Zexion was still her grasp.

"Maybe ring the door bell?" Zexion suggested helpfully with a shrug, leaning his head against Namine's shoulder...which she welcomed.

Leon couldn't hear them at the moment, the pounding in his ears too loud. He had already begun a steady rhythm of hard, fast thrusts into the smaller body below him.

“Harder!” Cloud begged, his nails digging into the brunet that was pounding into him.

Yuffie blinked, “Oh yeah…that is SO not Hockey!” She said, crossing her arms, “What should we do?” She asked, looking at Namine.

"Hmm..." Namine began, scratching her chin.

"Why not force them out? We can be as annoying as possible to lure them into a state of rage and answer the door, or... you could climb up to the window or something?" Zexion shrugged again. "Ignore me, just saying stuff..."

Leon did as he was told, pumping harder into Cloud--picking up his pace further.

Yuffie squealed before jumping onto the boy, “No! That’s a great idea! Oh, we’ll make a fangirl out of you yet!” She cried.

Cloud clenched his eyes shut as Leon pounded into his, hitting his sweet spot every time. He was so close…it was driving him mad.

"Fan...girl?" Zexion questioned after the initial 'Oomf!'-ing from being tackled again.

Leon moved deeper into Cloud's body, moving to lean over Cloud--sitting up almost entirely in order to maneuver better.

Yuffie blinked, “Oh, did I say fan girl?” She asked, her eyes innocent, “I meant fan boy…it’s not like I’d dress you in drag and call you Sue or something…”

“Leon…” Cloud moaned, his grip getting tighter and tighter with his approaching climax.

Zexion suddenly feared Yuffie, discretely hiding behind Namine.

"Clo..ud..." Leon broke out, pulling their bodies closer together--lifting the blond off the mattress some for better aim.

Yuffie pouted, turning back to the door, “Cloud!” She yelled, “I know you’re in there, I mean, the whole block can hear you!”

Cloud cried out loudly at the new angle, not hearing the loud yelling coming from outside of his house.

Namine began pounding at the door. "LEEEEEOOOON!" She kept hitting the door. "COME OUT, COME OUT WHERE EVER YOU ARRRRE!"

Leon growled into his kiss with Cloud as he slowed down... and heard rthe voices. He broke the kiss. "Please tell me..." He took a few breaths. "That isn't..." He thrust hard into Cloud. "Who I think it is..."

Cloud blinked, trying very hard to hear…and hear he did, “Oh my God…” He whimpered, and it wasn’t from Leon either, “That sounds like Namine and Yuffie…”

Leon growled again as he heard a "COME OUT, LEON, OR I'LL SHOW THAT VIDEO OF YOU TWO HAVING SEX ONLINE!" from the very familiar voice of Namine.

“Ignore them…” Cloud said, arching into his lover, “They’ll give up and go away eventually.”


"Damn that ninja..." What, does she have mind-reading powers?

"You better believe them! They did it to me to!" Zexion called, getting a pout from Namine.

Cloud groaned, “Don’t…you…stop!” He said through gritted teeth. He was far too close for his boyfriend just to stop and go take care of those screaming idiots.

Yuffie pouted, “You have no proof!” She said to Zexion.

Leon looked down at Cloud with a smirk, kissing him deeply once again and moving to thrust into him fast and hard.


"That's it!" Leon said with a roar, pulling out of Cloud and moving straight out the door...completely naked. "They die."

Cloud laid there on the bed, his mouth opened as his chest heaving. He was so close! And…Leon…just, “Leon! GET BACK HERE!”

"They die, Cloud. They have to." Leon said simply, moving quick;y down the stairs.

"I hear movement..." Zexion stated, tilting his head some. "Angry footsteps..."

Namine chuckled. "Probably Leon.... or maybe Cloud., Cloud gets angry easier."

“But, isn’t he the uke?” Yuffie asked, “I should imagine that he’s in his room cursing Leon’s existence for leaving in the middle of it.”

“THEY CAN WAIT!” Cloud bellowed, standing, glaring quite harshly. Oh yes, Cloud was not a happy boy anymore. No, quite the contrary he was a mean horny boy right now.

"Nope, it's Leon. Cloud is screaming at him..." Namine stated, ear to the door... which caused her to fall forward into a bare chest as it was suddenly flung open. "Hi Leon." She stated simply, moving her hands to his chest to lift herself up and grin sweetly. "You're naked!"

Leon's eyebrow was twitching as he stared at the girls, ignoring the deeply blushing blue-haired male.

Yuffie cried, throwing herself at Zexion, “Oh I wish I had my camera! I could sell the pictures to Riku!” She wailed.

Cloud marched down the stairs, “Squall Leonhart!” He barked, stopping at the bottom step when he noticed his lover standing naked with the door standing wide open, “What in the hell!”

Zexion was far too stunned, busy staring at Leon's....rather extensive member. He snapped himself out of it, hugging Yuffie back. "Indeed....who's Riku?"

Namine pushed Leon back through the door, now clinging to his arm as if he had pants. "Hi Cloud!"

Leon growled menacingly, glaring at them all. "Get. Out."

Namine stuck her tongue out, now skipping over to Cloud. "Nice EH HMM!"

“Riku is this guy, really hot too~!” Yuffie said, dragging Zexion up the stairs, “He dates Axel, slept with Sora and Roxas…well, if you want to get technical, they had a foursome…but, SHHHH Cause we ain’t suppose to know that!”

Cloud glared, “Do you know what you just did?” He asked, pointing at the blond haired girl. Easy to tell…Cloud had no shame…

Namine put on her cutest, puppy-dogged face. "I wuv you, Cwoud..." She said, all cutesy-like. "I sowwy! You hate me, du-dun' you???"

Zexion allowed himself to be dragged, blinking at the blond on the stairwell and a pouty-faced Namine. "Are they related..?"

Leon began to rub his temples, barely acknowledging the real charollers outside that stopped and gaped at his nude form through the door.

Cloud glared, “You’d hate me too if I made you stop RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF SEX!”

Yuffie blinked, tilting her head, “Hm, I’m not sure…I don’t think so…”

Namine began to cry. Oh, it was fake alright...but damn, she was a good actress. "I-I-I-I..." More crying.

"Cloud, you made her cry." Leon stated, closing the door at last and moving to console the girl--who willingly cried into his chest..... thinking : Leon is such a sucker!

Cloud stared at the girl in shock, “I did not! She’s faking! She does that all the time!” He said, pointing at her before he pouted stopping his foot, “I’m going back to my room…since I’ll obviously have to finish myself off since my boyfriend stopped in the middle of sex!”

Yuffie blinked, “Oh, oh, oh Cloud! Zexion will finish ya off!” She said with a wink!

Zexion blushed hard. "I...I will not!"

"That's right, he won't..." Leon said, moving away from Namine--who started chuckling and proving Cloud was right, unable to help herself.

"Wait!" She called to them, taking Cloud's arm and leading him back. "Christmas time! Presents! Sharing and what not! Get a blanket, cover up, and we'll start!"

Yuffie pouted, “Aw~! That’s why you’ll never have a threesome, Leon, you’re so damn possessive!” She said, crossing her arms as she drug Zexion to the couch.

Cloud pouted, “I don’t want presents, I want you people to crawl back into what ever hole you crawled out of!”

"I don't want a threesome." Leon said, quite seriously as he moved past Namine, moving to grab Cloud's other arm and drag him upstairs, hoping to ignore the others again... despite it all being his fault they were inside now.

Namine kept a firm hold on Cloud, pouting and pulling him back. "Presents! Now!" She demanded. "I bought them for you guys! I got them special!

Zexion, once again, allowed the dragging--rather enjoying the attention.

Yuffie pouted, “Oh, but I bet you Cloud wants one, don’tca blondie!” She said with a cat like grin as she looked at the blond, “And, Zexy here would be a perfect candidate for a threesome!”

Cloud twitched, “I DO NOT want a threesome. I want you all to leave so my boyfriend can get back to fucking me properly!”

"Yuffie...Please... That's embarrassing..." He said in his soft voice, which held none of the embarrassment he claimed to have...though it showed plenty on his face.

Leon rolled his eyes at Cloud. "And I thought I was the indecent one..."

Namine growled, something not too common with her... her eyes narrowing dangerously. "I... said.... sit and take your presents."

Cloud eyed the girl before doing just that, “Make it quick…” He said with a glare that could rival the girl’s any day.

Yuffie snorted, “What~? I’m just trying to wedge you into a group of friends/fuck buddies! Don’t you want that?”

Zexion bit his lips, fear welling inside of him. He had fuck buddies, quite a few... and he was certain it just made him that much dirtier. "I..." Hew began, thabnkfully interrupted as Namine shushed them both, pulling Leon over to the couch and making him plop next to Cloud--a large smile on her face. Leon had only agreed because that face had been so scary... Like Cloud on his own form of PMS.

Yuffie rolled her eyes, clapping Zexion on the back, “Don’t worry…there’s hope for you yet!” She said before turning to Namine, “Let’s get cracking with the gifts!”

Cloud resisted the urge to roll his eyes as well, wondering exactly who this Zexion character was and why Yuffie was so persistent in getting him, Leon, and this Zexion to have a threesome…Well…he is kind of cute…The blond shook his head, “Would you just hurry already!”

"First off, this is Zexion!" Namine introduced. "A freshman and our newest, bestest buddy!" She hugged Zexion briefly, leaving a little bracelet in his lap--a dragon made into a chain who's mouth held the latch. She also pulled from her bag, which she had the whole time, a t-shirt and threw it over his head. It said 'I'll make YOU emo, BITCH!'

She then turned to Yuffie, pulling out a little box. Inside she'd find a very sharp, very dangerous candy-cane shuriken.

Yuffie squealed, tearing the box open, “ A Shrunken! And it’s a candy cane!”

Cloud rolled his eyes, leaning back into the couch, muttering under his breath.

Namine then moved to Leon, taking him by the hand and forcing him back up. "Me and Yuffie brought over your gift...which I'll need help with." She winked at Yuffie.... which Leon didn't like.

Yuffie grinned, standing as well, “Yes, yes, come on…we’ll show you~!”

Cloud eyed the pair…something was up. He just knew it.

Namine chuckled as they dragged Leon out, leaving Cloud with an equally confused Zexion.... Said male feeling a bit cold without the girls's warmth. He sighed, turning to the blond. "So you're Cloud?”

“The one and only.” The blond haired boy said turning to the younger male, “How’d you get pulled into their little group?” He asked, nodding off towards Namine and Yuffie who were currently man handling his boyfriend into the bathroom.

Zexion shrugged. "I don;t honestly know... Namine came out of no where and just started cuddling me, then forced me to meet her friend, Yuffie." He shrugged again. "It's only been two days.... they're really nice."

Cloud raised an eyebrow. Cute, but naive. “Yes, nice until you get a boyfriend, then they follow you around like rabid wolves.” He said.

"They already follow me around everywhere." Zexion pointed out. "And drag me everywhere to."

“At least their not taking pictures of you when you’re trying to have sex with someone.” Cloud pointed out as he heard the bathroom door open once more.

Yuffie walked out of the bathroom, “Okay, okay, you two stop trying to do each other and look at this.” She said, tugging the arm of what looked to be like Leon.

"No, but others have..." Zexion muttered, though those fangirls were usually after his partners. Zexion looked up at Yuffie's voice, looking curious. "Is Leon...tied up?" He questioned, only seeing an elbow in Yuffie's grasp.

Namine was pushing on the other side, knocking Leon out of the bathroom little by little.

Cloud took no notice to the bluette’s words, instead, he was watching the two girls drag.push his lover out of the bathroom, “Leon?” He said, tilting his head to the side, “Why won’t you come out?”

Yuffie giggled, “Oh, he’s just shy!”

Leon growled a "I should have killed them while I had the chance..."

Namine chuckled, shoving the rest of Leon out. "I present to you... CLOUD'S PRESENT!"

Zexion blushed even harder then normal, which was a feat, as his eyes raked over Leon's body. He had a pair of snug fitting leather pants with chains and buckles climbing all over it... no shirt. His hands seemed tied behind his back by the same chains on his pants and a collar was around his neck. Not to mention the make-up around his eyes. And...were there now tribal designs on Leon's chest? How did they get tattoos on him so fast?!

Cloud’s mouth dropped, “Namine…Yuffie…” He said, his eyes glued on Leon, “You know how my mom always badgered me about sending thank you notes?”

Yuffie nodded, “Yeah, so?”

HE turned to her, “You both are getting one this year.”

Leon averted his gaze and did something.... Something he never did. He blushed, though barely, glaring at a near-by wall. I will kill them dead! With like... a rock or something!

"We thought it'd be nice if you got to be the seme for once...so, wah-la! Bondage Leon!" Namine explained excitedly. "Now he has no choice but to let you on top!"

Zexion remained speechless for the moment, gulping hard. Cloud was lucky... They both were,

Cloud could have kissed both girls, but he decided to save all of that for Leon, “Yeah, that’s great…” He paused, looking at the three, “Could ya like leave now?”

Namine shook her head. "Nope! One last gift!" She turned Leon around, and placed a ring over one of his fingers...which matched the necklace he always wore and continued to wear with his little outfit. "I found a lion's ring that matched your necklace! I knew you'd like it!" She then turned to Yuffie. "I'll leave when you do!"

Yuffie shrugged, “I’d give out my gifts…if I had bought any for these two scrooges.” She said before sighing, “But, I don’t have any. Let’s go bug Riku and Axel now.”

Namine giggled. "They're coming to my house tomorrow! I promised I wouldn't bother them tonight..." Namine sighed sadly. "Not that I'd want to. Riku has been distant to me... More then normal!"

Yuffie stuck out her tongue, “He’s too busy fucking Axel, remember?” She said with a grin, “Have Roxas and Sora left yet for their vacation? We can bother them.”

"Sorry, I think they have." Namine said, turning much perkier. "OH! Why not check out some of the new boys???"

Yuffie nodded, “Yeah! Sounds like a plan!”

Cloud twitched, “Just leave, please!”

Namine 'handed the reigns' over to Cloud as they began to walk out, then moved to grab one of Zexion's arms--noticing he had taken the shirt off, but was carrying it neatly folded in his hands...dragon bracelet on.

Leon twitched, but for a different reason then Cloud.

Cloud smiled a toothy grin as he heard the front door slam closed, “Pay back.” He said, dragging his lover back up the stairs.

"Pay back for what?" Leon questioned as he was dragged backwards. "Undo me!"

“Leaving me hanging.” Cloud answered simply.

"It was either that or being distracted. You want good sex or distracted half humping?" Leon said, trying to reason. He honestly didn't want his ass ripped in half, thanks!

“You could have ignored them. I was almost there. But, no, you had to leave me and try to go on a killing spree.” Cloud said with a huff, pushing his lover into his bedroom, “Now, you’re going to be a good little pet and let me have my way with you.”

: Leon easily fell ti the floor like a defenseless uke. He had been tripping all te way upstairs, so that final push had him finally stumbling down. He gave Cloud a defiant stare. "And since when am I a pet?"

“Since I got you on a leash for my Christmas Present.” Cloud said with a smirk, “And I intent to use it. So, get on the bed…it wouldn’t be comfortable for you on the hard wood floor.”

: Leon gave out a huff of breath. "And makes you think I'll comply? I'm bigger then you." Despite being chained up and with no real way to retaliate, yeah! Bigger!

“But, you’re tied up too…or did you forget?” Cloud replied sweetly.

"I'm not entirely defenseless..." Leon replied. He wasn't, but like he'd ever hurt Cloud. "Oh, fine. But you better be glad I'm willing to make you happy..." He grumbled out, rolling onto his stomach and then propping up on his knees--eventually standing back up on his own. And here I thought you liked bottom.

Cloud smiled, a light blush on his face. But, it disappeared when Leon stood up, “I’ll be gentle, I promise.”

"Yeah, yeah, that's what the last guy said..." Leon muttered, moving to lay across his back--with some difficulty--onto the bed.

Cloud smirked as he helped the boy onto the bed before climbing over him, “I’m not the last person you slept with, now am I?” He asked, lifting an eyebrow before his eyes softened slightly, “Besides, I’d never hurt you.”

Leon didn't answer him. "I'll lose the mood if I mention that." Was all he said in response, relaxing himself on the bed. The chains on his pants weren't actually attached meaning the pants could be removed... and the chains could easily stay. "These things are going to be so damned cold..."

Cloud looked at Leon momentarily. He knew…well, he had figured Leon’s first sexual experience couldn’t have been that good, even though the brunet hadn’t told him about it. Cloud just kind of knew…It was then Cloud realized that this was the first time he hadn’t bottomed since the two had begun dating/sleeping together, “Do you…” He began, biting his lip, “Do you want to be on top?”

Leon blinked at Cloud, looking confused. "What...?" He asked softly, quirking a brow in question at Cloud.

Cloud looked away for a moment before speaking, “Do you want me to untie you?”

Leon blinked again, suddenly smirking. "Does it excite you to see me tied up, looking like this? I'm fine with anything, as long as it turns you on..."

Cloud sat up crossing his arms, “Of course it turns me on to see you tied up, it turned you on to see me tied up, didn’t it?” He asked with a roll of his eyes, “But, I don’t want to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.”

Leon looked up at Cloud, giving him a rather unreadable look--his smirk turned into a flat line. "Cloud..." He said quite plainly. "I'm going to have to learn to move on from that.... It only happened once and people deal with it all the time."

“I don’t even know what happened. You just seemed a little uncomfortable when this whole thing started and I can’t enjoy it if you don’t.”

"I was raped, Cloud." Leon said, averting his gaze.

He sighed deeply, looking a bit annoyed. "It was a few years ago, not a big deal."

Cloud froze. Staring at his lover, “You were…what?” He asked, his voice just lower than a whisper, “Yes it is a big deal!”

"I need to just learn to get over it, Cloud. It's not fair if you're the one on the bottom all the time..." Leon went on, still not looking at Cloud--now just a little depressed. For a guy with no real feeling, supposedly--he sure had his silent mood swings.

Cloud frowned lightly, “It’s not fair that you’d be uncomfortable if I’m not on the bottom.” He pointed out.

Leon shook his head. "Cloud, just fuck me." He said firmly, looking straight at his lover. "I'd rather not have the last time I ever take it be by that bastard."

Cloud blinked, looking at his lover in disbelief, “Al…right?”

Leon chuckled at Clouds confusion, which was adorable--but he would never say out loud. He leaned up--more like jumped up--and gave Cloud a quick kiss on the lips. "Sorry, this subject is just...frustrating..."

“M’Sorry.” Cloud said, frowning slightly.

Leon sighed. "Don't be."

“Can’t help it.” Cloud answered with a shrug and a sigh before he leaned down to his lover, “I won’t bring it up again, okay?”

"Fine by me." Leon stated, leaning forward to kiss Cloud again.

Cloud pressed his lips against the other’s. He couldn’t promise that he wouldn’t bring it up again, after all, it was rape and it did concern his boyfriend.

Leon let his head fall back again, opening his legs up for Cloud as he kissed back.

Cloud’s hands started to wonder over his lover’s body. He had touched Leon many times, but never like this. He was always on the bottom up until now, now he had complete control over things.

Leon arched into Cloud's touches, humming softly against the blond's lips.

Cloud broke the kiss, “If you want me to stop just tell me, okay?” He whispered into the brunet’s ear.

"I don't." Leon said gruffly, kissing Cloud's cheek.

“Alright.” Cloud said with a nod, pressing a chaste kiss to the boy’s neck, “Just remember that I’ll stop if you want me too.”

"Thank you..." Leon said softly, closing his eyes.

“Anytime.” Cloud said simply, sealing the brunet’s lips with a kiss.

Leon gave back what he received, sighing slightly.

Cloud’s hands slipped to his lover’s pants, pausing for a moment before he unbuttoned them and slipped his hand in.

Leon let loose a small gasp, near moan. He bucked towards Cloud's hand. "You don't... have to be so hesitant..."

“I just want to make sure you’re okay about this.” Cloud said, pressing kisses to his lover’s throat.

"Leon tilted his head back for Cloud, closing his eyes again. "Aw... You dod acre..." He joked, breathlessly.

Cloud didn’t reply to that, he just kept up with what he was doing. Of course, he cared, it had shocked him at first and sometimes he still questioned it. But, it was quickly becoming a normal part of his life now.

Leon jerked at his bonds from his back, deciding to instead use his legs and wrap them around Cloud's bare waist... sort of. It was actually more like his setting them on the blond's hips.

“You want me to untie you now?” Cloud asked, lifting away from Leon with a smirk on his face.

"Whatever you want, Cloud." Leon responded, though in all honesty... Yeah, he wanted to touch the blond.

Cloud pulled away, sitting up once again before he pulled the boy up to him, quickly untying his hands, pressing kisses to every exposed inch of skin he could reach as he did so.

Leon kissed Cloud along his neck and shoulder furiously, latching his lips along the crook and biting down--adding a small suckle. As his hands were finally released, he wrapped them around Cloud's upper body--rubbing the blond's back and messaging the skin.

Cloud’s head rolled back as he moaned softly, arching into Leon.

"I thought..." Leon asked as he lapped at Cloud's new, already forming hickey. "You were supposed to be in control?" He chuckled, kissing down Cloud's jawline until their lips met again.

“If…you’d stop…doing that!” Cloud said breathlessly.

"Make me..." Leon dared through a whisper as their lips fell apart.

“I’ll tie you to the bed posts.” Cloud declared playfully.

"Oh no, the blond is threatening me with more bondage..." Leon chuckled again, letting go of Cloud entirely to start undoing his pants.

Cloud pouted, “I’ll sick Yuffie and Namine on you.” He said, crossing his arms.

"Okay, okay... You're the boss...." Leon said, throwing up his arms defensively--his button the only thing undone.

Cloud grinned, “I could get used to this.” He said before leaning down to nip at the other’s neck.

Leon stayed still for the moment, his arms laying at his sides. What? He wasn't sure what he should do as 'bottomer'. "You only get to get away with this because those girls are so damn frightening..."

Cloud snorted with laughter, “I’ll remember that the next time I want to be on top.” He said, his hands moving over the brunet’s body.

Leon shivered under Cloud's touches, deciding to let the last comment go. The markings the girls had drawn on him strangely hadn't blurred.

Cloud’s hand ran over a mark that the girls had added to his lover’s body, “I wonder what they used to put these on you.’

"No idea. I just know it was cold." Leon stated, gripping at Cloud's waist without doing much else for the moment.

“Hm…?” Cloud said softly before shrugging, returning to his work on Leon’s neck. He was fine with it, so long as the marks washed off, if they didn’t…Yuffie and Namine had better watch out.

Leon chuckled inwardly, knowing how much Cloud hated it when Leon was changed in any way. The temporary hair-dye at Halloween was proof. Knowing Cloud, he'd remove the tattoos himself if they turned out to be real or semi-perminant somehow.

Cloud sat up momentarily to undo his lover’s pants before pulling them off, his lips connecting with the skin of his brunet’s stomach.

Leon shivered again, smirking slightly. His hands slid from Clouds waist, slowly up along his back and now rest in his hair.

Cloud had decided awhile ago that he would go slow with Leon, to make sure the brunet was fully comfortable with it.

Leon appreciated that Cloud didn't go straight for him, enjoying the slow, precise kissing at his lower edge.

Cloud took his time in moving lower, for he was in no rush. After all, the couple had all night...well, that is, if two certain girls didn't show back up for some reason or another.