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Kairi and Sora - Kairi's Intro - G [Jan. 19th, 2007|04:37 pm]
Destiny Community High School: A Kingdom Hearts RP


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Rating: G
Character's Involved: Kairi and Sora
Warnings: None
Short Summary: Kairi just gets back from visiting her dad over the holidays, her and Sora have much to catch up about...
Note: This is to welcome our new Kairi and get her used to the way things work around Destiny High, please make her feel welcome!

Sora had just gotten home from his New Year’s trip with Roxas the day before, and sadly, it was back to school tomorrow. The Holiday had seemed to go a little to fast for his tastes, but that was alright. School was nothing he couldn’t handle. The brunet was even more excited over the fact that one of his best friend’s had just called and said she was on her way over. It had been awhile since he had last talked to Kairi, they had a lot to catch up on.

Kairi yawned as she walked up her best friend’s driveway, excited about seeing the boy regardless of her sleepiness. 'Knew I should have tried to get to sleep earlier….' She thought, as she made her way to the front door. 'Just too excited though…' Knocking on the door, she beamed happily, calling, “Hey, Sora!! Get the door, ya lazy bum!”

Sora grinned when he heard the stern, yet playful voice of his best female friend, “Coming Kairi!” He said before bouncing to the door, pulling it open, “Hi!” He said brightly upon seeing his red headed friend.

Laughing, Kairi pulled her friend into a happy hug. “Hey, kiddo!” She grinned, ruffling Sora’s brunet spikes playfully. Then she peeked cautiously into the house, questioning, “Is that cat around here?”

Sora laughed lightly, “No, Butch is locked up in my parent’s bathroom since Roxas just left not too long ago.” He said, grinning slightly as he stood back to let the girl that was like his sister walk into the house, “So, how was your holiday?”

“Thank god.” She said, heaving a grateful sigh as she entered the house. “Oh, it was the usual.” Kairi brushed a lock of red hair from her eyes before continuing. “Went to Traverse Town, saw Dad. Was bored.” She smiled at Sora, the boy who was practically her brother. “Nothing better than being back here, with everyone.”

“I’ll say. Though, I had anything but a boring holiday.” Sora said with a grin that suggested that his holiday had been filled with mischief.

The devious smirk Kairi then sported was almost identical to Sora’s. “Oh?” She said, arching an eyebrow in interest. “Do tell.”

Sora giggled, sitting on his couch, “Well, first off, you won’t believe what I got Riku.” He said, holding his mouth to stifle another giggle, “You know how Riku has an obsession with Axel’s bike?” He asked, really fighting to hold back his laughter, “Well, let’s just say that he has a copy that he can always carry around with him.”

It took a moment for Sora’s comment to actually sink in, but when it clicked in her head, Kairi burst into giggles. “I can’t believe you did that!” She exclaimed, in between bursts of laughter. “How did he react?”

That’s when Sora’s giggling died down because that’s when the joke turned on him, “Well, he told me what happened on Axel’s bike during Homecoming…” He said, turning red in the face. He hadn’t exactly gotten over that little fact, and couldn’t help but blush profusely whenever he saw Axel’s bike.

"Wha-?” Kairi cut herself off as she realized what Riku must have been insinuating. “Oh, wow, you mean they…?” She began blushing as well, mind suddenly running with the idea she’d been presented with, and creating an image to accompany the thought. Gah!!! Why am I thinking this!?!?

Sora nodded, “Oh yeah, luckily I was spared the play by play account Riku is oh so famous for giving.” He said before shaking his head, “But, that’s not all that happened!” He said, grin back in place, “Roxas got me a new puppy!” He kindly left out the part about Roxas also getting him not one…but two sex position books. He figured that that was the last thing Kairi wanted to hear.

She shuddered, remembering previous ‘in-depth’ stories their silver-haired friend had told. “Yeah, that’s a good thing.” Then, at the mention of a puppy, Kairi squealed eagerly. “Ooh, puppy? Is it here? I wanna seeeee!!” Sure, Kairi loved cats (with the exception of Butch, Sora's evil, demon cat), but puppies were SO CUTE.

Sora laughed softly, “Roxie~!” He called, smiling as the puppy came barreling down the stairs and skidded to a halt upon entering the living room. He barked, noticing Kairi as an unfamiliar person, but one that he wanted to meet. Sora leaned over to pick up his pet, “Roxie meet Kairi.” He said, holding out the dog for Kairi to take.

Kairi couldn’t help but ‘awwww’ at the dog, reaching out to take the small puppy from Sora. “Well, aren’t you just the cutest? Yes, you are!!” The redhead cooed at the dog, rubbing behind his ears and smiling. “His name’s Roxie, right? As in, Roxas?” She asked, looking up at her brunet friend.

Sora chuckled softly, once again flushing, “Yeah…he wouldn’t let me name him Princess Roxie…so I had to settle for Roxie.” He said, with a grin, smiling fondly at the puppy who was happily barking and licking Kairi’s face.

The girl laughed, trying and failing to avoid the puppy’s warm, damp tongue. “Princess Roxie?” She asked, staring at Sora incredulously. “You were SERIOUSLY going to name him that?”

“Oh yes, I think Axel and Riku would have gotten a kick out of it.” Sora said with as playful grin.

Kairi grinned. "Poor Roxas, he would have been teased so much for that."

“He’s still being teased for being voted Princess for Homecoming…though, I must say…Riku took to being Queen very well.”

A laugh. "I'm sure he did. He IS the resident queen in town."

Sora snickered, “Yeah, he’d agree to that to, that’s the bad part.” He said with a grin.

Kairi suddenly happened to glance up at the clock, and yelped, making sure to carefully return the puppy to Sora before leaping up. “Sora, I’m SO sorry. I completely forgot until now, Mom wanted me home about ten minutes ago!” She leaned down, kissing her friend on the cheek.

Sora pouted before standing up as well, “Okay, call me later then, alright?” He said.

Grinning at Sora's pout, Kairi hugged him. "Of course."

Sora grinned as well, “Okay, see you later.” He said before stepping away from the girl.