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RoxasSora - Piercing - R [Jan. 18th, 2007|12:09 am]
Destiny Community High School: A Kingdom Hearts RP


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Rating: R
Character's Involved: Roxas and Sora
Warnings: Blow job and Hand job
Short Summary: Roxas gets his tongue pierced and sets out to show Sora how much it's 'worth' in the long run!
Note: This would have happened after Christmas, but before New Years! The exact time is unknown...*is shot* x.x;;;

Roxas returned straight home after spending the day out with Olette. Demyx was who knows where, and Olette had nothing better to do so they made a day out of going to the mall. Along the way, Roxas had spied a piercing shop and Olette asked if he was thinking of getting something pierced. A half hour later, the blonde was inside the shop with his brunette friend, and 15 minutes later, he was sporting a new tongue piercing with an ice cube inside his mouth to reduce the swelling.

Sora was at home putting the finishing touches on a school project while awaiting his boyfriend’s call or IM. Roxie was curled up in his lap as he taped madly at the computer, silently cursing his teacher for giving him this particular assignment that had cost him a day with his lover.

Roxas signed on about a half hour after he got home and dealt with his parents worried about the piercing and the diseases it could've carried. He reassured them that he would be fine, and he would take care of the piercing. He told them he'd have to take it out to clean it and all the other procedures and they decided not to ground him.

Sora yawned, pausing in his work for a moment to lean back in his chair, absently petting his dog as he looked at his alarm clock, frowning. Roxas should have called by now.

Seeing that Sora was online, the blonde dropped a simple IM reading "Hi.". He had taken about a cup full of ice cubes upstairs to hold him over until he actually ate something. He lightly drummed his fingers on his mouse, waiting for some type of response.

Sora blinked, hearing the messenger window pop up. He turned back to the computer to see if it was either Riku trying to show him more of his little…’website’ or if it was his boyfriend. Smiling widely upon seeing that it was Roxas he typed a reply, “Hey!”

"What's up?" came the reply before the blonde had gone off in search of his iPod which was stored away in his bag somewhere.

“Not much. Just finishing up that project for school.” Sora typed, blushing slightly as he continued, “And missing you.”

"Awwww...." Roxas typed momentarily, having to smile at that, "But I was only gone for about a day. And I had my phone with me. If you were feeling lonely you could've called anytime."

“I know. But I really had to finish this project so the teacher didn’t give me detention or something.” Sora typed back before cuddling his dog as Roxie became a little antsy, “I think Roxie misses you too.”

"Ah yes, the dog." Roxas typed, "Tell Roxie I said hi. And of course, I should've expected you to be busy with school work. Because detention is just so evil."

“It is =O!” Sora typed, smiling lightly as he petted the dog in his lap, “Are you going to come over or just talk to me on the computer?”

"Probably just talk to you right now. Coming over means sex, something I can't do right now/not in the mood for at the moment." Roxas replied, frowning at the fact he just turned down an opportunity to be with his boyfriend in person.

Sora blinked, staring at the computer screen, giving it a weird look, “O…kay?” He said, pressing enter, “Is everything alright?” He typed next, thinking that something must be physically wrong with his lover for him to be turning down a chance to spend time with him.

"Well yeah, everything's fine...when you don't count the fact I got my tongue pierced today with Olette." Roxas typed in.

Sora had to read the computer screen twice to make sure he was reading what he thought he was reading, “Wait…you got your tongue pierced?!” He typed, “AND you didn’t even ASK me if I wanted a boyfriend with a PIERCED TONGUE?!”

"See, now this is why I didn't tell you in person either. Do you remember the last time I dropped a bombshell on you? YOU THREW A SHOE AT ME." Roxas typed in, sitting up. "Besides...it'll all be worth it in the long run, trust me. And if you don't like it, I'll take it out.

Sora pouted at the line about the shoe, “I thought we talked about the shoe~?! I was drunk!” He typed before sighing, “How could I like your tongue pierced?’ He asked, not even thinking about all the fun things his boyfriend could now do with that little piercing.

"Sure, we talked about the shoe, but you're not sporting a scar and burning stiletto heels when you see them for too long." Roxas typed, downright crushing the ice cube he was supposed to be sucking with his teeth.

"And like I said, if you don't like it when you see it, I'll take it out right then and there, and let the hole close up on its own."

“Aw, but I said I was sorry~!” Sora typed before frowning lightly, “I still don’t get it…what do you mean by it’ll be worth it in the long run?”

"You'll just have to find out when I see you. Well, after the swelling goes down." Roxas typed in.

“O…kay.” Sora typed, blinking, “But can’t you come over now? I promise I won’t throw a heel at you!”

"No. I can't come over now. Give me a day, if not, then a few hours." the blonde typed in. "And I know you won't throw another heel at me. I won't let you. I don't need another scar thank you very much."

Sora pouted, “Okay. I’ll just continue proof reading my report and slowly cursing the teacher to hell and back.”

"You do that. I'll finish up this essay of mine, and if everything's okay, I'll stop by." Roxas typed, reaching for the uncapped pen that wasn't too far from his desk, complete with two and a half pages of used looseleaf paper. If he didn't love history, he would've slacked off.

“Okay, good luck with that.” Sora typed back, “Talk to you later. Love you.”

"Love you too, Sora." Roxas typed, before putting on his away message and grabbing another piece of ice to continue holding him over until it was safe to eat

Sora closed out of the window before returning to his damned report…once again cursing the teacher.

After finishing his project and printing it out, Sora was laying on his head, his dog on his stomach and his arm behind his head. He was close to falling into a doze, hell, he needed it thanks to the crazy teacher and her liking to giving him projects.

Success! The swelling had gone down some time ago, and Roxas was simply finishing up any leftover schoolwork, so he wouldn't have to worry about it until the time came. He bid his parents a goodbye (they didn't eve have to ask where he was going...if you didn't count his mother spazzing out and asking if it was some tongue piercing cult), and simply crossed the street to Sora's house. He settled for knocking on the door loudly, idly toying with the new metal ball in his tongue.

The knock at Sora’s front door struck him into blinking awareness. He shot up, accidentally sending his poor puppy flying across his bed, “I wasn’t sleeping?!” He cried, panting before he heard the knocking again, “Oh…” He said, laughing sheepishly as he picked up Roxie, “It was the door.” He said before walking down stairs to said door to open it.

Roxas gave a small wave, not bothering to turn around to see his mother sigh in relief, and his father having to drag her back inside. He hadn't opened his mouth yet, so Sora didn't see the piercing he probably already didn't like.

Sora smiled upon seeing his lover, “Done with that school work?” He asked, tilting to the said, not bringing up the piercing just yet.

"Mhm." Came the reply, before he leaned over a little, pressing his lips to the brunette's forehead lightly.

Sora blinked, “So did it hurt when you got your tongue pierced?” He asked, figuring that if Roxas had gotten at least a little pain, maybe that would teach the blond not to go get piercing without consulting him first.

"Well, not exactly. My tongue was numbed after three to ten minutes of putting ice cubes on it." Roxas replied.

Sora pouted, “Oh…well.” He said before grabbing his boyfriend and dragging him into his home, “So, tell me, what possessed you to get your tongue pierced?”

"I've been thinking about it for a while now, that's all. I thought it looked pretty cool so I got it." the blonde hadn't even told him that it was pretty awesome when used the right way during sex.

“Oh okay.” Sora said, closing the door before turning back to his lover, “Why didn’t you tell me before you got it done?”

"I wanted it to be a surprise. I just didn't think you'd abuse the caps lock key on your keyboard." The blonde replied, looking right back at his lover.

Sora chuckled lightly at that, “You thought that was abused? You should have seen it when Riku showed me that lovely site he made about Cloud.” He replied dryly.

"Riiiight...I don't even think I'll ask about that...until later." Roxas replied this time, raising an eyebrow momentarily.

“It’s nothing bad…yet.” Sora said blinking, knowing full and well Riku wasn’t through with that site or torturing Cloud, “It just had pictures of Cloud’s Halloween costume.”

Sora shook his head, he was getting off subject, “Let me see your tongue now.”

"Alright..." The blonde replied before sticking out his tongue. There lied the metal ball that wasn't too big or too small; it was just right.

Sora looked at it, tilting his head to the side, blinking, “Okay.” He said simply, “I’m still not sure if I like it or not…you said it’d be worth it…how so?”

"Fine fine...you wanna kiss me and find out that way, or decide to let me show what I reaaally got it for?" The blonde asked, trying not to grin.

Sora still hadn’t caught on to how much fun a tongue piercing could be, “Show me why you really got it.” He said, blinking.

"Alright, since you said I could..." The blonde lightly pushed his lover against the couch, wasting no time in unzipping the brunette's pants and pushing them downward.

Sora flushed lightly as he fell on to the couch, “Getting right to the point, huh?”

"Yes, I am getting right to the point." Nothing else came from the blonde's mouth as he took his lover's length into his mouth sucking just a little, and letting the metal do the work by hitting the spot he normally wouldn't, preferably the one spot just below the head of his length.

“Oh my God!” Sora cried out, immediately arching into his blond lover’s mouth. His mouth falling open as he felt that cool little ball just under the head of his penis.

Roxas continued sucking slowly, humming just a little. If he could, he'd be grinning right now, but he settled for pulling away completely (about a moment or two later) and looking up at his lover. "I take it you like it now?"

Sora stared down at his lover in complete shock, his mouth still hanging over, “Yes!” He cried, “Get back down there!”

"Fine fine..." Roxas trailed off, taking Sora's cock back into his mouth and resuming his rather slow pace before letting his tongue (with the help of the metal ball that only wanted to be Sora's friend) dip into the slit of the brunette's arousal. He switched back and forth from letting the ball hit against the same spot (that many hadn't bothered to look for; Roxas now doesn't regret reading Cosmo issues his mother left behind) every now and then.

Sora groaned in thanks, his hand tangling in his lover’s hair. His breathing was beginning to get a little erratic, though he was still in a slight state of shock to know that a little metal ball could be driving him this wild.

All the more reason for Sora to like the piercing. Roxas wrapped one hand around the base of the brunette's length, squeezing lightly as he let his tongue do the majority of the work. Yes, seeing his boyfriend squirm, cry out and carry on was enough to make Roxas happy...and sport a very obvious hard on. But that was only if he stood up. For now he'd remain uncomfortable at the expense of his boyfriend's enjoyment.

Sora’s cries and moans only increased in volume and soon he was screaming his lover’s name as he felt his quickly approaching climax. Later…he’d have to thank Roxas for getting his tongue pierced.

No thanks would be necessary as Roxas decided to continue hitting against the spot below the head of his lover's length so Sora could climax. Oh yes, he'd hit along this spot more often.

Sora’s grip on his lover’s hair tighten with his approaching climax, he was so close at this point…and his lover kept hitting a certain spot, and his piercing…why, it was quickly overwhelming Sora.

Having his hair pulled was something the blonde didn't mind; in fact he was hoping he'd get this reaction from the brunette. He continued sucking, humming lowly and letting the vibration, lukewarm metal, and his tongue do the work while his free hand served as a method of maintaining his balance.

“Roxas!” The brunet cried out, his back arching in a final arch before he met with his climax, a loud cry ripping from his throat.

Roxas hadn't answered yet, seeing as that he was busy swallowing what he could to the best of his abilities. When he was finally done, he pulled away, licking his lips clean before speaking to Sora. "So...now do you know the real reason I got my tongue pierced? Because you know I wouldn't do anything if it didn't benefit our relationship in some way."

Sora panted softly, staring up at his boyfriend, “Okay…I think I like your tongue being pierced.” He concluded, his voice high pitched and breathless. He liked it very much indeed.

Roxas laughed. "See? I knew I'd get you to like it."

Sora stuck out his tongue before grabbing his lover’s shirt collar, pulling him into a kiss.

Roxas was a little surprised by that, but it only took less than a second for him to respond to the kiss happily.

The brunet nipped at his lover’s bottom lip, wanting entrance, he was curious as to what other pleasures that little metal ball held.

Roxas parted his lips with ease; he had read somewhere that tongue piercing were pretty damned nice when you kissed someone too. He'd find out right now, but for the most part his mission was accomplished.

Sora slipped his tongue in, the muscle immediately seeking out the metal ball, playing with it gently once he found it.

The blonde let out a moan into the kiss before pressing himself a little closer to his lover, trying to make the hard on he had gotten earlier (courtesy of his loud and squirmish boyfriend) a little more obvious.

Sora could feel his boyfriend’s hard on pressed against his thigh. He grinned into the kiss as his hands slipped down Roxas’ body, to the hem of his pants.

"Hmm...I almost thought you completely forgot about my needs." Roxas managed to say after he pulled away from the kiss, his own hand making an effort to undo the belt buckle and the zipper of his pants.

Sora smirked slightly, “Aw, how could I forget about you?” He asked before he leaned over to his lover’s neck, nipping gently at the skin as his hand slipped into Roxas’ boxers, almost immediately wrapping around his erect length.

"Ah...I said...al-almost..." Roxas replied, moaning at the touch.

“You know, I’d never forget about you.” Sora pointed out, his lips inches from his lover’s neck as he stroked his erection.

"Mhm...." came the breathy reply as Roxas bucked into the touch little by little.

Sora abandoned his lover’s neck for his lips once more, his pace getting faster and faster.

Any other moans or sounds became muffled (but still needy) once Sora pressed his lips against the blonde's again. Needless to say that his knees felt like buckling momentarily while one hand buried itself into his boyfriend's chocolate colored spikes and the other remained against the couch for balance.

As Sora kissed the other boy he tugged at the blond’s shirt, wanting off and out of his way.

Breaking the kiss, Roxas was more than willing to remove the shirt and toss it somewhere; he just hoped it landed someplace where he could find it later on.

Sora continued stroking his lover, his lips attaching themselves on the blond’s chest, sucking harshly at the warm flesh.

"Sora...." Roxas moaned, continuously bucking into the touch slowly, all the while tugging at the brunette's hair gently before he bit down on his bottom lip to keep from getting too loud.

Sora wanted his lover to scream. He didn’t care if his next door neighbor’s heard them…though, Riku being his next door neighbor, the silver headed boy might call his boyfriend over and try to out do them…

"Sora!" Roxas moaned again, but it wasn't anywhere near the volume Sora probably wanted. The blonde's pride was hanging in the balance, but he was halfway to the point of not caring, like the previous times. He just couldn't tell Sora no, no matter how hard he tried…well, depending on what Sora wanted anyways.

Louder. He wanted it even louder. Biting his lip, he stroked the boy’s cock harshly.

"...Sora!" Roxas yelled this time, body feeling the all to familiar sensation of nearing a hard climax. If Sora wanted Roxas to scream until he couldn't, it was more than likely Roxas would obey him.

Sora smirked against Roxas’ skin, his pace still increasing.

"SORA!" Roxas was currently seeing stars as he came hard, right into the brunette's hand. Sora had gotten what he wanted, and so had Roxas; it was pretty equal from what anyone could see. He leaned against Sora, panting heavily as he tried to come down from the high he was on.

Sora pulled away from his lover, a mischievous grin on his face as he pulled his cum covered hand out of Roxas’ pants, “Do you feel better now?” He asked, tilting his head to the side.

"Do...I really need to answer that?" came the blonde's reply as he looked at his boyfriend for a few seconds.

Sora giggled lightly, “I need to go wash my hand.” He said, grinning lightly before he bounced into the kitchen.

Roxas gave a nod before leaning back against the couch and exhaling loudly. The look in his eyes expressed absolute satisfaction.

Sora returned a few moments later, sitting next to his lover on the couch before snuggling up to him, “So, what do you want to do now?” He asked, looking up at the blond headed boy.

"I don't know, and I don't care at the moment." Roxas replied, messing with Sora's spikes again instead of his own.

Honestly, Sora was perfectly contented with just sitting right there next to Roxas as the boy played with his hair, “Doesn’t matter to me.” He said, “So long as I can spend time with you.”

"That's good. M'not going anywhere either." Roxas replied, managing a content smile of his own.

Sora snorted with laughter, “You can’t tell me that tired you out?” He said, poking the other teen in the stomach.

"Nah, I'm officially off whatever high I was on. But I'm serious. For the moment I'm not going anywhere, so just sitting here with you is fine." came the blonde's nonchalant reply.

Sora smiled softly before raising up slightly as pressing a kiss to his boyfriend’s cheek before he laid his head on his chest, sighing contently.

Roxas could only rest his head on top of Sora's lightly, taking the moment to close his eyes. If he could, he'd pay for moments like these all the time.

“I love you.” Sora said, wrapping his arms around the blond haired boy.

"I love you too, Sora." Roxas replied, smiling at how easy those words came to him. It was easy because it was true.

Sora sighed once more, closing his eyes just to soak in the feeling of contentment that he got from being with Roxas.

Roxas was probably the first to fall asleep; with a human teddy bear like Sora clinging to him who couldn't eventually grow accustomed to the closeness and then fall asleep?

[User Picture]From: ailuvu
2007-04-09 06:00 am (UTC)
That... is amazing. <3
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[User Picture]From: starry_nights88
2007-04-11 12:54 am (UTC)
Oh my, thank you~!

If you like that, feel free to roam the rest of our memroies. Things only get better. Then after that, join our little happy game if you're up to it~!
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